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May 1, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 19?

April 30-No Internet.  Well, here we are in Albuquerque.  The best thing about the day was seeing Roseanne.  She’s a very nice lady, and they were so happy to see each other.   Nancy had told Roseanne that she wanted no fuss, but Roseanne had gone ahead and made a meal of corned beef.  Nancy didn’t know it until it was too late.  She just couldn’t move another muscle.   So we’re going over to her house tomorrow for Reuben Sandwiches. The reason she and Rich got the motorhomes (aside from Lizzie and me) was so that they could visit people without interfering with their privacy or make them feel like they had "company".  

We have had quite a day.  The wind was so strong when we left Amarillo that Nancy was hesitant, but she figured nothing ventured, nothing gained. Everything to set up had to be put in the trailer because it was unsafe to open the truck bed cover.  Somewhere in the chaos she seems to have misplaced the foot to the hitch thingy.  The temperature is supposed to drop below freezing, tonight.  Albuquerque is setting records—figures that it would be when we got here!

We saw many things on the road as we drove.  We saw our first piece of tumbleweed.  We saw more of those huge metal windmills.  We saw a stockyard with millions, well okay, not millions, but thousands of cows—really, thousands.  Nancy said she didn’t want to tell me why they were in the corrals.  It was something to see.

We passed Clines Corner which is where Nancy met Rich after dropping Susie at the airport in Albuquerque in 2004.  Nancy said she was so afraid that she’d get lost—all she had to do was follow one road.  Now, look where we are—wouldn’t have been possible without the GPS.

The wind was a big problem all the way to Albuquerque.  Then, Nancy said, “Geez, no bugs since Arkansas and now thousands of white bugs smashing on my windshield.”  It was SNOW!!!  This is starting to sound like the movie, "Into the Wild".

Nancy didn’t sleep very well last night so she was tired getting up, but was determined to leave early to try to avoid the wind.  Well, we didn’t, but after we arrived in Albuquerque, we watched the news and the road we had driven was closed because of high winds.

As she always does, before even unhooking, Nancy took me to a walk.  There are two K9 playgrounds, here, which are fun.  Then we took a walk, came in, and Roseanne was calling.  She came and she and Nancy gabbed for a long time.  Then, after she ate, Nancy took me for another long walk and let me play in the other campground.  She took a few pictures, and she also tried to get pictures of the mountains.

It’s a good thing Nancy didn’t know what these past few days were going to be like—she might not have been so anxious to go across country, but we’re in the west, now!  Yippee!

Nancy is very annonyed with this campground.  When she called this morning she told them that she definitely needed wifi because she has business to do here.  It turns out that the wifi does not reach everyone in the campground.  She left an after hour message for them and she said she will move unless they put her in a site where she can use the wifi.  She really does have business here.  Aside from getting her license situation solved, she has to get the truck into Dodge for an oil change, tire rotation, and to have the brakes checked, and pay bills.  Ut oh, she is mad!

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