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Oct 25, 2013

Dear Rich and Lizzie,

My time here with Nancy and Susie is nearing an end though we're not quite sure just when. I wanted to give you a heads up so you'll know to meet me at the bridge. I'm not afraid or worried so I'm ready to go when my doctor says it's time...don't even have to pack any bags. The tests they did, today, didn't hurt me, but Nancy doesn't know what they mean, yet. She says she'll always take care of me and won't ever let anything hurt me. I know she'll keep her promise.

My doc said she will call Nancy next week. Then, they will decide what to do. Who knows, it still might be quite a while before I see you. I feel just fine.

Susie will still take me to the nature center (you know how I love my walks with her). I walk really, really fast so she won't change her mind about going all the way to the woods, and I make her cross the street in the same place you used to cross me, Rich. Susie is my best bud. Nancy said she might even try to take me camping if the nearby COE campground is still open. It's pretty cold, here, so they may be closed.

Nancy doesn't believe in the hereafter, so she's already crying. I try to keep her spirits up by telling her to remember all the good times we had together. And, of course, I act silly to make her laugh.

Rich, I hope you have plenty of the balls I like...not the dumb old tennis balls. Remember how you taught me to catch them no matter how high you threw them? Oh, gosh, I can't wait to play that way, again.

Lizzie, I hope you have found some good places to swim. Remember our race in Colorado? I let you win because I love you. (Oh, all right, you beat me fair and square--but I was just a kid!) I'll bring you a bag of sweet potato chips. Nancy makes them all the time for me because I'm not allowed to have any other treats. I know you will love them.

Our neighbor, Betty, just came over. She loves me, and Gail and Paul called to see how I am. John and Michael and Aunt Judy called, too. I need to tell them I'll see Bella, Moe, Rupert, Missy and lots and lots of my other friends because I'm sure they are with you.

Nancy couldn't sleep last night, but I slept like a log. She showed me the pictures she did I not even see the flash? Well, I'm a pretty laid back guy as anyone who knows me can tell you. Oh, no, here she comes with that dang camera, again. Oh, well, I'll humor her.

This is probably the last time I'll have a chance to write a blog, but I wanted to thank everyone who has loved me, to say good-bye to everyone who has been good to me, and to tell you and my camping pals that everything is cool. Now, if I can just keep Nancy and Susie smiling until I'm off to see you guys! Get the balls ready and let's go for a swim!
Press to Play: Amen! Bow Wow!
A Little Snooze--Was Up Early This Morning!

A Little Fresh Air When I Got Home

::Eyes Rolling:: No, Nancy, I don't need a bed outside. 

Okay, Back in the House
I was snoozing last night as Nancy was snapping.

Oct 23, 2013

Remember the Marines in Beirut 1983

Don't Want a Number for Our Son (Press for Song)

On September 11 of this year, I wrote a blog expressing my outrage about the attack on Benghazi, and that no one had been brought to justice. It was still very fresh in my mind. I was and still am angry that the deaths of those who served our country could have been avoided, and that there was no effort being made to bring justice to the cowards who committed the murders. Worse, no one in our administration was held responsible for their part in the negligence.

Another blogger commented about the attack on Marines in Beirut on this date in 1983 who have never received justice, either. Today, I remember them and my heart goes out to the Wives, Children, Mothers, Siblings, and Friends whose lives were changed forever. 

I'm not a very good writer so I'm posting a link to The Beirut Memorial and to the words of two Marines who were there.
I hope you'll listen to the words in the song at the top of the page. Your eyes won't be dry as you watch, but it reminds us all... NEVER FORGET.