For those of you interested Only in TRAVEL, I (Jack) wrote the blog between March 2010 and October 2010 during our travels west. We saw the most beautiful places and had the best time in our big truck and little trailer. See Blog Archive below.

Mar 31, 2010

Premature Adventure

Well, we haven't even left, yet, and I got in trouble this morning. My human took me to the nature center. It's a beautiful spring day so how could I resist the creek?

Whoa, she was mad, but that's only the beginning. Somehow while I was clowning around I got my foot stuck in my collar. Ut oh. Don't tell her, but she's not the most graceful human--she took her shoes and socks off, rolled up her pants, and climbed (crawled) in to help me. Then, she (crawled) back up the bank through the mud yelling that she was going to brain me. I followed her, but my leash got caught between two rocks so she had to come back down--she said that it was her fault, she shouldn't have left it on me (but it didn't help my case, any). The only problem is, is that we're in a leash only area, but no one is ever in the woods when we go. She'll take it off from now on. I think the leash only law means that there has to be a human on the other end, anyway.
Well, I guess things could have been worse, she could have just left me there. We're home, now. She needs a bath worse than I do--she smells like a swamp! Ewww... We didn't have a camera with us, but the picture is one that was taken while we were camping and we had a similar incident. The feet belong to my friend, Sean, who had just finished cleaning me off after a similar incident in the mud.
Sean also cleaned Lizzie , Molly, and Jazz off, too. You've heard of the "Dog Whisperer"? Well, that day, Sean was the "Dog Washer".

Mar 24, 2010

Where is Jack?

My name is Jack B. Nimble. My human is about to take me on an "adventure". If I judge by our past adventures I'm a little leery.

I've been watching her try to plot a route all the way out to another coast--this is a person who can't find her way off our street without my help.

Every night she's been covered in a flurry of maps, books, and her computer. I don't want to sound cowardly, but I'm thinking of suggesting that I stay with my "sister" or in a kennel as an alternative to riding in the big blue truck pulling the little bitty trailer. (Just kidding)

I had nine brothers and sisters who were all sold to hunters who never even came to meet them. They went together, two or three of them at a time. That left me--just because I didn’t like the pigeons they came in to tease us with. So, I was "on sale"--a good deal, if I may say so myself.

There are some adorable pictures of me, but it was "before digital". My human will have to buy a scanner, so you can see what an adorable puppy I was. (She snuck back in so you could see me. I was cute if I may say so myself)
I was the center of attention. Everyone used to sit on the floor and watch me. :)
I had to stay right next to Nancy in the office when I was little.

I used to get in trouble because I used to stalk Lizzie like this and then pounce on her.
Just when I was getting bored wrestling with my brother who was going to stay where we were born, this nice man and lady came. They took me home. last I was an only child. Not very long after, however, I got a big surprise. She was black and oh, so beautiful. Her name was Lizzie Tish and I fell in love at first sight--she was my main squeeze. We would live together. She was my sister's pup, but everyone always called her "the communal pup" because everyone loved her! She had gone to live in Charleston for a few months and Rich really missed having a pup so that's when he started hinting to Nancy that he wanted another. (That would be me) It turned out, however, that my sister couldn't keep Lizzie so she came back home. Nancy and Rich were so happy--they really, really loved Lizzie.

I will miss my sister on this journey because we have lots of fun together, especially on our walks. I will be very happy to see her when she meets us in San Francisco. Why I might even get so excited that I'll lick a human face!!!

Well, back to Lizzie, I was just a puppy trying to get her attention when I grabbed her tail. She did not think it was funny and put me in my place, fast! That was something neither my humans nor she liked, but geez, I was just a pup. When I grew up, I realized that I could charm her by licking her and showering her with attention—I don’t like the taste of humans, but I loved the way she tasted. She pretended to let me protect her, and because I was a little noisier, she let me pretend that I was boss, but I knew better.

We had a grand life. My humans worked at home so Lizzie and I were never alone. When the weather would get warm, they’d take Lizzie and me in a big bus and we went to the most wonderful and beautiful places--lakes and streams to swim in, no cars whizzing by our heads, and lots of room to run.

Sadness came when I was almost four years old. The most wonderful man who ever lived was gone from us, forever
My lady human did the best she could to make us happy by taking us camping. Lizzie and I tried our best to make her happy, too. She met some wonderful women who also camped alone, and they became best friends. Some of them had wonderful dogs with whom we became best friends.

Not too long ago, Lizzie had to go to meet my man human at Rainbow Bridge. Sing Me to Sleep (Song)

Our hearts were broken once again. My human and I are all alone, now. She knows how I love to ride around town in the truck and go for walks, so that’s how the idea for the trip to the “other coast” came about. It’s to help us with our sadness. 

We have had discussions about whether we’ll miss our other people too much, and want to come home.
Well, we’ll never know, will we, until we try. I hope our dreams come true and we come back with new happy memories. We need them right now.

I was just kidding when I said I would stay in a kennel. I belong with her—she loves me and needs me for protection.