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May 24, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 43?

We awoke this morning and it was crisp and cold. Nancy donned her Heidi hat and we went for a walk. We came back and she went up to the showers. Though it's cool out, the sun is strong and bright so I wanted to stay outside. Nancy joined me after doing a little housework, with her book in hand. She's reading another Patterson. She put the iPod player on and we mostly listened to Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor. It's very pleasant here. The guy that stopped Nancy at the gate the other day came by with some of the other men who are working on the grounds and they were kidding her about where her hair went. Then, along came the train and we waved and watched them. The men come by to see me whenever they are in the area. When the man stopped her about the tag that's supposed to be on her mirror, she forgot that there was a gate down. It's below her line of vision in the truck so she nicked it with a tire. No damage done, though she offered to pay if there was. They always tell her how much they like me, and how every dog should be as well behaved as I am. (snicker)

There most likely will be no pictures, today. I think the only place Nancy plans to go is to the grocery store--not enough laundry, yet. Well, I was wrong. We did go to the grocery store, but we really laid around most of the day. I like to people watch, too, and the men are always doing something around here.
While we were on one of our walks, Nancy said she's still fascinated with how pretty the dandelions are. Strange how we  do everything we can to eliminate them back east. If we left them alone, I think they're prettier than most lawns.
When we went into town, Nancy decided to take a picture of Vera's. There was a time when Nancy didn't like ANY Mexican food. She remembers Rich laughing because she ordered fried fish (which was awful) and he said, "Who orders fried fish in a Mexican restaurant?" Nancy swears that he used to time his driving to hit Vera's either for lunch or for dinner. He was funny.

I may have told you this before, but someone, here, was telling Nancy that Vera passed away a year or two ago, the children wanted nothing to do with the restaurant, so the building is being neglected. The building out back is already collapsing.

Tomorrow, we'll definitely go to Pagosa Springs to see if we can get a memory foam pad for this table bed. Aunt Judy thought that was very funny for some reason.

Sometimes we miss people, but we talk to one another all the time and keep each other company. Then, there are books--I can't read, but I don't mind sleeping a good deal of the afternoon if we're just hanging around--that's what dogs do, you know. There really isn't TV, but Nancy has  a gazillion DVDs even after weeding out half of them. We watched "Lovely Bones" the other night and morning. We watched "Precious" one night--too violent. Strange that Oprah recommended it. Nancy says she thinks she saw "The Constant Gardener" but she doesn't remember so we'll probably watch that, tonight. She still gets mad about leaving the one at Walmarts in Amarillo.

Well, I'm going to go see if I can tear her away from "Jimmy" long enough to go for a walk, and maybe if I'm lucky, I'll even get to play a little ball.

Well, I got lucky!! I'm really staying in shape with all the excercise I'm getting this trip. Susie is going to bring me NEW BALLS!!! I will be so glad to see her. It won't be long, now.

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