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May 10, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 28

We left the other park and came to this really neat place called Bandelier  (sp) National Monument. It’s deep in the forest.

Nancy took a shower late last night and came back with chills.  She slept okay until the morning, but woke up very sick.  The altitude bothers her and the dryness, I think.  Everyone also thinks she picked up a virus or something.  At any rate, everyone was concerned and it was comforting to me that she was looked after.  Upon arriving at the campground, we came inside and went to sleep—I’m  not sure for how long, but Nancy woke feeling stronger.  Princess, once again, cooked a lovely dinner (Chili and the round Mexican things—I forget the name), and she even made something special for Nancy so that it wouldn’t upset her stomach.  Wilson played ball with all of us pups. I really love her.  Tucker really, really loves her,  too, but he doesn’t want me to go near her. Wilson put him in time out. I think he’s just protecting her, but she says that’s okay, but only when I tell him I need his protection. We didn’t stay long because Nancy was starting to feel a little weak, again.

After dinner and playing lots of ball, Nancy took me home.  She was tired and wanted to get some rest so that she can get better. I heard them talking about a stream that she will take me to. I’m so excited. I think we’ll be spending a few days, here.

We just got back from our last walk of the day. Nancy just wanted to let me pee one more time—probably because she wants to sleep in. Anyway, we heard footsteps, and there was Wilson and Tucker! We had a nice walk—not too long, but long enough. On the way back, poor Tucker got sick to his stomach like I did the other morning. It’s not fun. I hope he’s feeling better.

There are elk and black bear that roam around the campgrounds. We’ve got a great site. I hope we get to see them, tonight.

Well, Nancy is going to shut the light off. John, Michael, and Susan called to wish her a Happy Mothers Day, and I thought that was very nice.  That’s the only down side of this trip—Nancy misses her kids, and I miss Susie.  We have no Internet or showers up here, but Nancy’s really glad she has a phone. She has an outside shower—maybe she can rig up a tarp or something for privacy. Susan’s party was a success, but she burned her hand on a candle. Good thing she has that great big Aloe plant. It feels better, today.

Well, I’m going to bed. Nancy got a couple of pictures, but was just too weak to do any real exploring. The altitude really affect her.

Pictures tomorrow.

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