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May 5, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 24

It's a great morning in New Mexico. Nancy was up very early this morning rattling around all over this place. I'm not sure what she was up to. She ate breakfast, and it's still early.

I'm very excited, today. I keep looking over to Bailey's place to see if he is awake. I can't wait to see him.  Bailey, Bailey, Balileee Baileeeee! new friend Bailey! Whoopee!! (I am not a nerd dog, Nancy) I'm such a happy pup! Not only that, Teddy and Tucker will be here, today, and we'll all be together.

Our electric heater isn't working right. It got so hot in here last night that we thought we would smother. The low setting must not be working. Nancy got up and turned it off. It's still not cold in here hours later.

The two glasses of wine didn't agree with Nancy. She went to bed with a splitting headache, not quite sure whether it was altitude or the wine.

I think she's about ready to take me for a walk. I love the trail. More later...

We went for a walk on the trail, then Nancy called Wilson.  They are on their way and expect to be here in about 6 hours which means they should be here about 2:30.  I haven't seen Bailey, yet.  Guess he's still sleeping.  Oh, all the banging around at 6 a.m. this morning was Nancy making dinner for the gang. She figured they'd be tired.

We spent some time with Bailey and Erlene, and then we went to the store. Nancy's brain goes on leave of absence every now and then. She picked up the greens for a salad and forgot to get anything else. We're still waiting for the gang.  The breeze is just now starting to pick up so hopefully they missed most of the wind--but it's unavoidable to a degree. We haven't gotten any "dog or people" pictures, yet, but I'll post them as soon as we do.

Everyone arrived and we were so glad to see them. I thought I got a picture of everyone, but Tucker was in time out, so I'll have to get him, tomorrow. We all had a good time sitting around, but we were all very tired, too.





Deb and Erlene



  1. Couldn't be the wine....must be the altitude. Here I was hoping I'd have a drinking buddy, like the ole days!!!!

  2. In the old days the body could take it. These are the real "old" days. Nancy will be your buddy, though!!


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