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May 22, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 41

This will be a short blog day. Nancy and I didn't sleep very well last night. She was wrestless, up late, and back up for the day at 3 a.m. I think, aside from not taking Tylenol PM, she had the fridge and the furnace on her mind.

She decided that even though the men said a faulty new fuse was very highly unlikely, it meant that it was vaguely possible. What could she lose. So she got the flashlight out, Tweezers and another brand new fuse and replaced it, not really expecting it to work. I was so  happy when I saw the light on the fridge go on, and  when she saw it go on she did the happy dance and was hugging and kissing me saying, "We did it, we did it!" Well, darn, I hate to disappoint her, but I was laying right here on this bed all the time, but if she wants to make me her hero, that's okay.

We had to go up to the post office. About that time, the train with about 150 people, someone said, arrived back in the station. So, the celebration was on. Nancy decided to have lunch in the village as it was cool enough to leave the windows and fan on for me--I was tired and wanted to sleep. She had a hamburger at the Foster. When she first walked in, she could tell by the floor that she was in an old building. Unfortunately, the very plain restaurant had redone the floors in Pergo. What a shame, unless the others were too far gone to be salvaged.

Nancy was going to read a book, but she's so tired that a nap sounds better.  Maybe later on she'll take some more pictures of the river. We took a long walk before dawn this morning, and on the way back the sun was starting to shine on the river--a part we hadn't seen before.

On the way back into the campground, the guy that tried to help Nancy last night came out and asked her if she'd gotten hold of anyone to fix the fridge and furnace. When she told him she had fixed it with a new fuse, he asked her, "Do you have the pink pass that's supposed to go on your mirror? That way we won't have to stop you every time you come in." Nancy told him it must have fallen and she lost it so she'd get a new one. Heck, if he doesn't recognize the white hair and the big blue truck with American flags on it, I'll buy him a pair of glasses, myself!

Okay, so we napped, and got up feeling better. Nancy took me to the back of the campground and played ball so I got some exercise. It felt good. Since all the food had spoiled, and we didn't have anything in the house for Nancy to eat, we found a restaurant just south of the main part of Chama. The food was good, but it was all older couples, and so Nancy had a few weak moments. Then, on the way back, we saw Vera's, a restaurant that Rich used to time his trips by--he loved to eat there. Vera died a few years, ago, and the kids didn't want any part of the restaurant so it's falling to disrepair. It was a very nice, large restaurant. Sad.

After dinner, Nancy decided to go north past the campground and the scenery was BREATHTAKING. She took her camera out, but it wasn't working. She's charging the battery, tonight, hoping that's all it is.  She wants to go back up there--it follows the railroad tracks, but the valleys and mountains are incredible. We stopped, for a while, to watch three cowboys rounding up cattle. It was very interesting. The scenery rivaled that in "Brokeback Mountain". We're going back. We're also taking a ride to Pagosa Springs one day this week, and maybe even Durango though that's quite a drive. The San Juan's have always been Nancy and Rich's favorite mountains--we wish Rich could have seen the part of them that we saw, today. Well, again, sorry no pictures. If the camera is working, we'll make up for it, tomorrow. If the camera doesn't work, we're heading to Pagosa Springs. G'nite all.