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May 12, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 31?

We sacked out early last night. It was cold so since we were all tired and Erlene was leaving early, we decided to call it a day.

We woke up early this morning and there was a coyote right outside the trailer, cutting through our site to get to the back. We thought at first he was headed down toward Wilson and Tucker, but he veered off into the woods. Nancy called Wilson, but couldn’t get hold of her, and she didn’t see Tucker tied outside. She didn’t call Princess, because Princesses don’t get up that early, so there was no danger or so we thought. We were later to find out that there was more than one coyote or he was pretty fast getting around, and everyone had seen him. At that time (which was later and we were still lounging around), Princess had put Teddy out on a leash. Wilson went over to get him in. At least I think that’s how it went—I didn’t witness it, myself so I don’t know if I have my facts straight or not.

Deb moved down in the site across from me. Yesterday, while Wilson, Nancy, and I were in Los Alamos, they left her Aliner set up and moved it. Deb held up a half empty bottle of water, saying that even her “good crystal” didn’t break. Nothing at all fell in the camper. She is a hoot! She’s from Alabama and has no heat in her camper.  She came over this morning with a wool hat and ear muffs .  She said the same thing  Nancy said—had it been this temperature in Alabama, she would have been frozen.

Erlene must have left very early this morning.  I got up before dawn and she was already gone.

The three musketeers are off climbing a trail up to a waterfall. We stayed back because Nancy still isn’t 100%. We sat outside while she read her book. She’s content to just relax, today.
It dawned on Nancy that she hadn’t paid the ticket, yet—she almost forgot about it! I thought the officer said she could call and give them her credit card, but they said no.  Cashiers check and mail only unless she’s going to contest it in court.

We’re headed for Taos, tomorrow, so Nancy will take care of it, there. We have to find an ATM and buy a check, I guess. At least the envelope is addressed.

The wind was calm this morning, but it’s just now picking up. This has been a lazy day—just enjoying the nature surrounding us. We’ll hear all about the hike when they come back. Nancy is still not adjusted to this altitude. Taos will be higher, we think, but not by much.

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