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May 30, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 49

Well, a bit of an attitude adjustment occurred this morning. No more pity party.

Nancy has been so comfortable on other nights and has slept so soundly that she thought the little heater wasn't coming on. Wrong. She didn't put it out last night and she woke up before dawn shivering. She quickly bundled me up (uh, Nancy I have fur), and I enjoyed it. She turned the thermostat up so she could thaw out and figured while she was waiting she'd try the internet. It is up!  Whoo Hoo.

We've already been for a walk and to our "secret" ball playing field. If they know about it, they haven't said anything, but it's always just Nancy and me, there.

We haven't decided what we're going to do with the rest of our day. Nancy thinks she'll read for a while, and then we'll take another ride up toward Antonito. Maybe even all the way. She doesn't know, yet. There was a grocery store there so maybe a pretty 120 mile drive is just what we need.

Nancy spoke to Susie and Aunt Judy this morning. She saw on Facebook that Michael and Keely ran a race to celebrate the homecoming of a Peachtree City Soldier. We saw a very little VFW building in the town we drove to, yesterday-Tierra Amarilla.

This picture is for Deb. This horse was laying down just like the horse on the Enchanted Loop--see, he wasn't dead.

Nancy wonders if there's any kind of recognition ceremony there. If not, we remember and are indebted to all of our service men and women. There aren't words to thank them. John wrote a very nice letter to our adopted Soldier, Jonathan, on behalf of our family.

I know pictures have been scarce, but we are still enjoying the scenery.

Thought I'd take advantage of the free internet to start a post. Will get back later.

When Nancy went to the laundry the other day, there was an interesting looking road that she thought she'd investigate before leaving. She almost forgot about it until talking to Ms. Beverly this morning. Turns out there's an Elk Preserve not five miles from here and it's at the end of that road. We had the place all to ourselves. I had a blast-plenty of room to run (of course I keep my eye on Nancy). I found three streams to get wet and muddy in--so much fun.
Oh, Look, more water under this bridge!
Look at all this space-I can go anywhere I want!
Can You Believe This? I had so much fun, Nancy said she's taking me back, tomorrow.
Oops, I shouldn't have sniffed that!

What's on the other side of the rocks? On the hike up, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. Nancy had no pink bags! Oh, no! Well, she marked the spot with a stick and said we'd have to hike back up after we got them from the truck. Then, she found a dog leash near the stones, but under a bench, with two black bags tied to it. She borrowed a bag for on the way back, and tied the leash to a post in case someone came back looking for it. After attending to business, she reached in her pocket and she had a pink bag, afterall.

We didn't see any elk--they're up further in the mountains. When we stopped at the little blacksmith shop, the guy told Nancy where to go at dusk to see the herd. Maybe we'll go tonight. She took SO MANY pictures, it will take her a while to sort them out and decide which ones she should post. Nancy picked up a couple of hooks for the boys' cabins.
Interesting Shop/Interesting Guy.

Oh, Rich would have loved playing ball up here with me. I liked it when he threw the ball because he could throw it higher. Then, again, I was just a pup, then.

The people down the way invited Nancy over with two couples for watermelon, tonight. All the people here put salt on their watermelon. Some even put salt AND pepper. They invited me, too, but Nancy thought it might be better if I took a nap in the trailer. She just got back. I behaved myself. Tonight, she remembered to put the heater on.

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