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Nov 25, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

I didn't take many pictures at Thanksgiving for a couple of reasons. My eldest son, John, and his wife, Lisa, come late because they have a Thanksgiving at lunchtime at Lisa's Mom and Dad's each year. Amanda came with her brand new puppy adopted from a shelter and left her with us until coming back later in the day. Her name is Emma. Everything was in full swing when they arrived. Michael's pups, Bella and Bogey, were there. Bogey is full of energy so we had to keep him and the puppy separated. This is probably only making sense to me because it seemed like we did a lot of shuffling dogs! :) Add to that, I just wasn't very mobile partly because it was more comfortable sitting and partly because I was enjoying a lot of the afternoon outside.
John and Lisa
Susan had a big crowd this year--more people than usual so pictures got lost to conversation. It's hard, many times, to get the grand kids to sit still long enough for a picture or a picture without a funny face, any way. Kellie, my youngest granddaughter, had to leave directly from her other grandparent's house--a friend of hers was killed in a car accident the night before. She wasn't aware of it until she was over there. What an awful shock for his family.

Jack enjoyed himself, as always. Here he is (as though it would ever happen) hoping that Susan drops something. He enjoyed being outdoors, too. As always, we had a wonderful time. Susan really is a great hostess and cook, and everyone always feels so welcomed and comfortable. I can't even begin to tell you how much food was there nor how delicious. It's nice to let the young ones do the dishes. John and Lisa are always the first ones to pitch it, and Peyton helped, as well. Peyton is planning to go to culinary school after graduation. Won't it be great to have a chef in the family. She brought two delicious deserts. I managed not to overdo, and I'm glad I didn't, but the next day I was thinking about leftovers!

Thank you, Susan, for such a lovely day.
Hostess With the Mostest
There's always hope!
Keely, Peyton (doing that picture thing), Missy, Amanda, and Emma (new puppy)
Amanda, happy with her new companion
The weather was perfect so some of us at one time or another were in the driveway enjoying her new fire pit. We didn't have it on for the heat, but for the ambience. We were tired by the time we had desert, and went home about 8:30. Jack was so tired that he didn't even walk me down to the street to put the garbage out when I came home. He just stood looking at the door as if he was willing it to open!
Around the fire pit on Thanksgiving
Enjoying the outdoors, too
Peyton and Michael
I have a friend staying with me for a few days. No grass grows under her feet. Dixie is on her way (eventually) to help her daughter to move to DC, but will be camping with friends in SC before, so she usually stops here as a layover when she needs to bide time before Florida and wherever she's headed. We were up late last night so she is still sleeping. No more 70 temps, here, now!

Nov 13, 2012

Princess Mary at Disney!!!!

Michael L. Signorello, at Disney, presented the "magical shirt" to Princess Mary, signed by all of the characters, but not before he had it sprinkled with fairy dust. Princess Alley got a very special button so that she can spread happiness and magic wherever she goes. Just imagine!
Don't tell anyone, but Princess Mary told her Gramma that she thinks Mickey Mouse has a crush on her. He blew her a kiss when she was on a ride. That's cute little Princess Alley standing next to her. She has a cold but is a real trooper. So good to see the smiles.
Princess Mary at Bippity Bobbity Boutique
Princess Ally at Bippity Bobbity Boutique
Well, Jenny, John, Mary, and Ally should be home by now. They did so much while there. The little one's fever got pretty high, but Jenny was able to get medication for her, yesterday. Hopefully, she was feeling well enough to fly, today, and Mary didn't catch anything.

How can you tell kids have had a GREAT TIME?
On the Way to the Orlando Airport - John said he hopes they sleep on the plane. So adorable.

Nov 10, 2012

Animal Rescue Effort-Sandy

Animal Rescue Effort-Sandy (You Tube)

Thought this might interest RVers since we are such big animal lovers.

Nov 1, 2012


Mary is still going through her treatment. She has her ups and downs. It breaks everyone's heart. She has to take steroids for one week out of the month and she doesn't feel well during that week.

The Make a Wish Foundation is sending her, my other little grand niece (her sister), my niece and nephew to Disney World. She's very excited and her doctors have changed the week of the steroids to another week so she'll feel better.

When I worked for Nortel I had the pleasure of meeting Henri Landwirth. He is the founder of Give Kids the World. It's a place for families to stay for the time they are visiting Disney. It's such a wonderful place that some kids would rather stay there than go to Disney. That was twenty years ago. I can't imagine how great it is, today. I was so happy to hear that she's having this experience along with the main event! She's very excited.

Aren't they a beautiful family? They are all my heroes. When I get nervous, I think of Mary and feel like a fool.