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May 15, 2014

Yes, I Got to Go Again!!!I

Susie didn't have to go into work until 11 a.m., today, so she stopped by just to take me on a short walk down the street. I always have fun on walks with her, but I really, really like the nature center.

But, guess what???? Nancy took me this afternoon! Now, I know you're going to get bored because Nancy goes nuts with the camera. I almost lucked out--she had the same problem that Ms. Sherry had--the zoom wouldn't open, but Nancy fiddled and managed to get it to work, but it's on its last legs. That's a shame because she takes good care of it and it isn't that old.

Trust me, these are only a few of the pictures she took. She says she wants to show everyone what a handsome boy I am even though I'm going to be 13 in a couple of months.  There is one that I want to tell you about. After Rich went away, Nancy put a bench in the nature center. It had a plaque on it that had Rich's name in the middle and Lizzie's name to the right (that's where she always walked) and my name to the left (that's where I walked). Before Nancy hurt her back she put a couple of coats of varnish on it to try to preserve it.

As you know, she hasn't been able to get up to the nature center for quite a while, but Susie and others told her that the bench was starting to fall apart. Some nice person replaced the bad wood and though we can't read the sign any more, the bench looks good as new and is sturdy. Nancy sat on it for a while, today, and I sat next to her and we just enjoyed the cool breeze. We don't know who this person is that fixed our bench, but Nancy and I wish we could thank them.

Nancy yelled at me because I was eating dirt. I don't know what's in it but it tastes so good. She said she'd brain me if I wound up throwing up in the house.

This is on the way to the "swamp" part of the nature center. They work hard to make it really nice.

This is me by Rich's bench.

Look how handsome I am. (Um, Nancy made me say that)

I really, really wanted to go in that water. Nancy says she doesn't like me to go in because a lot of it is run off from the streets.

But, can't I go in the water just a little, Nancy?

This is something new and cool. School children come here and nice people teach them about nature. Isn't that nice? There's a whole half circle of them. See, even the trees that fell this winter have a use.

Oooh...something smells good.

Time to go home, I know.

A Short Post to Celebrate Spring

The rain brought cooler weather. It's just right out. In fact, Jack and I are headed to the nature center after I post. I stopped in the grocery store, yesterday, to get sweet potatoes to make chips for him. I got up early this morning to make them because each batch takes 4 hours. Well, brain cramp! I forgot to get the potatoes. So, I went up to get them. The second batch is in.

Spring has sprung. The white and pink dogwoods have already bloomed, but this tree is a dogwood, too, but it blooms later than the others (I have to look up it's name). Rich planted it thinking it was pink because that's the way it was tagged. It never bloomed until the year Rich died. It's very full this year. I'm wondering if it's going to turn white or get yellower. Hard to see in this photo, but the flowers are a ver light greenish yellow.

A good photographer knows how to get her whole body in the picture. What a dope. LOL
Okay, Let's Go, Sleepy!!

May 9, 2014

Jack and I WALKED to the Nature Center!!!

Believe it or not we walked all the way up and back. My daughter-in-law was with us.  I can't believe I didn't have my camera, but I was afraid I'd fall or drop it as my balance isn't what it used to be. Many trees from winter storms have fallen so a lot of the trails were either blocked or we had to climb over trees. I could do it, but I didn't want Jack to be jumping. So we took a shorter trail, but still it was about 1-½ miles and a lot of it was up and down hills--which is really the test for me.

I was winded, for sure, but I was in heaven walking not only without pain, but in the nature! Oh, please, please, everyone cross your fingers that this works! It's wonderful. It's just wonderful! Jack is sound asleep...think he's still not believing that we made it!

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes. I wish I had a picture. I'm going to go back and find an old one just because I need to have one!!!

Hmmm...wonder how I can see the leaves THROUGH Jack?

Then, again...

Today Was a Wonderful Day

Today I took two walks with Jack. I went to Target. I got a lot done in the house. I went to dinner with my daughter and daughter-in-law. I don't know how many times I went up and down the stairs, but a lot of times. I stood outside and fed my azaleas and roses. NO PAIN! Did you hear me? NO PAIN!

I hope it lasts. If it doesn't I want to remember this day.

May 7, 2014

Only for Those Who Have Back Problems

I had the ablation, yesterday. I can't tell you what a wonderful practice this is from the front desk to the nurses, and of course to the doctor. I have a "PITA" today (some would say I'm being paid back. :)) BUT! So far the SI joint pain seems to be calmed down. Not gone, but they don't expect it to be for a while. I actually cleaned and organized my linen closet this morning, and had laundry in by 9 a.m. I haven't been able to stand that long for quite a while.

I am going to be fitted for a brace this week. The doctor said she went to a seminar on Monday and the exhibit  of a company had this particular brace especially to stabilize the pelvis. She tried it on herself and said it felt good to her and she has no problems so she's hoping it will help me. She said her objective is to keep me out of surgery, and is hoping I won't need to see her again for 6 months. IF, by any chance this doesn't work, she did speak to my surgeon and he will do the SI joint surgery as a last resort. We are all hoping we don't have to go there.

I just can't wait to take Jack for a walk to the nature center, visit some places like Dahlonega and Blue Ridge to window shop, vacuum again more than 3 feet at a time and of course Camp/ many things to look forward to.

The doctor said, yesterday, that she was going to go deep (I can assure you, she did). The lidocaine didn't wear off the injection sites until last night. Tolerable, and I know it's temporary. Just thought I'd keep those of you interested and informed while thanking those of you who wished me luck for yesterday. Will keep you posted...hoping beyond hope that this has done the trick. As I said, I won't know for a while as it takes a while for the ablation to take effect. What's helping the pain in the interim is the steroids and lidocaine.

Can't close without a picture of you know who. He's stayed by my side through thick and thin. I've moved a table out of the way so he can sleep right next to the couch. See his red collar. It lights up red so when he goes out at night I can see where he is in the yard. So funny just to see a red line floating around in the dark.
Do you think he could get any more comfortable?

May 5, 2014

Prom Night ! A Flurry of Excitement and Photographs

Saturday was a big day for two of my granddaughters. Sisters with proms in two different places; a Junior Prom and a Senior Prom. I went down to join Michael and Laura run around to get pictures. Jack and I stayed down until this morning. 

Following in no particular order--the blog decided--are pictures. Never saw so many pretty girls in one place. They are so grown up for their ages.
Laura, Peyton, Michael
Laura, Victor, Keely, Michael
Peyton - Beautiful in Blue
A Few of the "ladies" Arriving for Pictures
Victor and Keely. I haven't consolidated all the pictures so I don't have one of Keely by herself uploaded to my computer.

I felt bad leaving Bogey behind. He broke house rules and crawled (well actually he leapt up and over my shoulder and landed square on my middle.) He tried sneak attacks from every direction--I was so tired I finally gave in. Jack then got up to get in on the cozy. Laura and Michael left at 6 a.m. I didn't hear them but Laura said Bogey picked his head up as if to say, "So?" She said both pups were draped on me. Bogey knows not to get on the furniture, but I think he sees me and thinks "spoiled". The couch is leather and was covered so no harm. I could not keep him off even though I lugged Jack's beds all the way down to their house.

My youngest grandchild will start college next year. Where have the years gone? All five are such fun to be around, and have grown to be polite, smart, and interesting young ladies. I'm very proud of them even though it was their parents who raised them and deserve the credit. Still, I'll take some credit for having such wonderful kids!

Tomorrow they do the ablation. I'm hoping beyond hope that it works and it will relieve the pain. My only option if this doesn't work is more surgery. I don't think I'll know whether it has worked for 4 to 6 weeks, but I'll find out more, tomorrow. Doesn't sound like fun, but I'll suffer just about anything if it will give me some relief in the end.