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May 25, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 44

Today was Pagosa Springs day. Nancy packed a lunch for herself and a couple of cookies for me along with a bone she thought I’d like. I hid it while I was in the truck, and now I can’t find it.

The ride to Pagosa Springs was only about 47 miles, pretty, but not spectacular. Nancy had a crick in her neck—felt like tension, but it might have been the way she slept.

As we pulled onto the highway to Pagosa springs, we spotted the black smith store—it had two departments.

We crossed the continental divide halfway there. About four miles from Chama, the landscape changes dramatically for a few miles.
The weather is gorgeous, here. I’m typing this in word, first, because the park router is out, again.  Nancy’s getting to a point where she’s going to go down to the office and raise cain. (Ut oh) She’s paying for it, she should have it whether or not the owners are interested in it or not.

Nancy’s main mission in going to Pagosa Springs was to find a safe place where we could play ball and I could swim.  We looked and looked, and finally found a recreation area with a beautiful lake.

We found a clear space to play ball and we were having lots of fun when suddenly WHAM! I ran right into a barbed wire fence that neither of us saw. Nancy was very upset and I went running to her and put my head between her legs. She looked me over and I didn’t have any cuts or anything. I think it surprised me more than anything.

We picked a spot and we had a picnic lunch. Then, I got to go swimming. I had a blast. I forgot all about the barbed wire fence—what a stupid place to put it. The lake was pretty—lots of fisherman. One guy pulled up and had a good size fish within a couple of minutes.

After we tired ourselves out, then we got back in the truck and drove home. Nancy stopped to buy some fudge in Chama (not good for her diet), but what the heck—it’s very good.

The rest of the day we’re going to veg and later we’ll watch a movie.


  1. I don't know what happened, I posted a comment yesterday, but when I read the blog today, it isn't here. Wonder how many of my comments have gotten lost in cyberspace.

    Glad Jack was only scared and not actually hurt.

  2. Glad to hear you are still reading. I was more scared than Jack. He cam running back to me like a little kid and buried his head between my legs.

  3. Jack, glad you're OK. I'm sure it scared both of you. Question - where is your colorful green life jacket? Have you learned how to swim better? Don't forget to check out the "Pumpkin" blog. Now "Pumpkin" has a little brother!


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