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May 18, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 37?

We went for our morning walk, and Wilson and Deb were already packing up. Princess appeared a little later. We're over at our camper staying out of the way. We are sad to see them go.

Wilson helped Nancy get the propane tank off. She managed to get the first bolts and nuts off, but the second one was hard to reach and she couldn't turn her neck enough to hold it and twist the other end. She needs to buy a couple of other tools that she's missing. She also needs to buy some extra bolts and nuts just to have on hand.

We went over to sit with them for a little while. Wilson is all hooked up, and Princess, the one who only has to unplug is still hard at work. Of course, she has to put a lot of things away "inside" Saffire.

Now, we have to sit down and figure out what we are going to do. Wilson pointed out that a week in Chama and a week in Durango or Crede will bring us close to the time we need to start down to meet Susie. I'm so excited. How could she think I would forget her. We are going to have so much fun--I just hope it's not too hot. Nancy will be heading north after that. She's very excited about surprising Aunt Dorothy.

Nancy needs to put her big girl panties back on and get her courage back--she's been around the security of friends for too long. We really will miss them. I hope the altitude doesn't bother her so we can walk as much as we did in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Everybody says I look in such good shape. I'm a lean mean ball playin' machine, now. Nancy, I'll have to pose for a picture, later.


We bid good bye and safe travels to Deb this morning.  We're worried about the weather for her as she's going to hit wind like we did. Not fun. She said she'd check in.

The ladies sat around in Saffire for a bit discussing how altitude affects one's bodily don't want to know, is nothing sacred? Then, Princess decided that Teddy was dehydrated. She couldn't get him to drink so I brought over one of the syringes that I have and she spoon fed him water. The laughter and discussion that followed was whether water was going to be coming out of little Teddy's ears because he loved being babied. He is well loved. That discussion led to whether the Princess would jump in the water to save Jack or Tucker. Her answer was, "No." Wilson and I laughed (and she did not deny) that she would be mad if we didn't jump in after Teddy (Little Lord Fauntleroy).

Wilson, Tucker, Princess, and Teddy left a little while ago.  I swear they weren't out of the park when the wind picked up as if in objection to their absence (It's VERY quiet here, now).

Nancy went down to extend another two nights and to get propane. The guy that does the propane won't be here until 1:00 p.m.

She made reservations at the Rio Chama RV Park for a week. That gives us some time to explore and regroup. The lady was very nice--Nancy got the weekly rate. She renewed her prescriptions, and has asked Susan to mail them to her at Rio Chama. The river runs right next to the campground. Nancy says I can't swim there because the water is too swift, but the lady (her name is Pat) said there's a nice lake nearby so I can have a blast. Yippee!

Well, Nancy planned on doing a lot of work, today, and I thought I'd be outside.  Instead, we took a walk and then came back and laid around playing on the computer, then laid around watching TV, then laid around listening to music, then laid around reading a book, and then went for a walk and now more laying around on the computer.

It's been very windy--that sounds like a good enough excuse. The bedding would fly all over the place if she put it out to air.

Well, we've been gone for a while. We heard from Wilson in a voice mail while we were away that they are in safely. When we got back we heard from Princess. They are having a grand time. Teddy is feeling better now that he's had some water. Nancy left a message for Deb to call when she got in. She isn't faring as well.  She's in Amarillo in a tornado watch. She has a place to go and TV, Internet, and a weather radio to keep track of what is going on. There was a touch down in Dumas (think that's what it is) which is north of Amarillo. I will call  her, again, in the morning. I console myself by thinking, "Texas is a big place."

Nancy and I took a ride through Taos and out to the bridge to get a picture from the other side.

When Deb, Nancy and I went somewhere--Walmart, I think, Deb spotted a funny sign. Nancy wanted a picture of it, of course.
We also rode down to the Taos Pueblo just to turn around and come back. Nancy took a picture of a cemetery that she remembers being very colorful the last time she saw it.
She also got a shot of the mountains on one of the side street.
All the cleaning plans went out the window when she couldn't find the topper mattress for our bed. Nancy did get the CDs and mailers so she can send her pictures to Wilson, Princess, Deb, and Erlene. We stopped at Walgreens, too, to pick up a few items. Then, we went to Wendy's and I got a little tiny bite. Hmmm...good. Nancy says she'd buy me a whole hamburger, but it's not good for me. I didn't realize it, and neither did Nancy, that I wasn't in my seat belt. We found out at Wendy's as I was trying to smell her sandwich and maybe sneak a lick. Before  she started the truck, again, I was safely restrained. She spoke to Susie and to Aunt Judy when we got home. Well, that's it for the day. To bed early so we can make up for lost time.

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