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May 11, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 30

Today we went down to get a new battery. Wilson is so handy, she knew exactly what the problem was and came with us to get a new one. She agreed that Los Alamos is a weird place. Then Nancy and Wilson went to the grocery store for a few things, and then to a little bistro and had a delicious lunch-I hate that they don't let me in restaurants. Just wait until a human wants to go to my vet.

We had some more trouble with keeping the electricity going, and Wilson discovered it was the inverter that was drawing too much. Wilson had an extra, smaller one, and it's doing just fine.

Today we went to the stream.  I didn't feel like going in--the grass in that place was delicious, so I ate grass for most of the time. Then, Nancy drove us home and we didn't do much of anything except reply to an email to the nice lady at the MVB. All is solved with the license.

Princess and Deb had a bet going about who would lose 10 pounds (I think that's what it was). It was so funny to see Deb in the tutu--they did a lot of cackling over that.  See Saffire . It's strange here; first it's warm, then it's cold, and it seems like it's always windy, but it's always nice. No humidity, no bugs, no heat, though we have heard we're headed for the 20s tomorrow and SNOW!!! Nancy is surprised, sometimes, because when it's in the 50s it doesn't feel like it.

In Los Alamos, there are check points. We asked the guy, today, what he was checking for and he was very evasive with his answer. My GPS was confused because they closed a road so that there was no where to go except through the check point. We drove for a while and got lost. There were streets and buildings where we were (no names on them) and what we thought was so odd was that on the GPS it just showed the road that we were on--no crossroads, even though they were there. It was just blank.  Then, we found our way to the mall that Nancy was at yesterday, and the streets in that area showed up on the GPS.

Nancy took quite a few pictures, today, but I'll only post a few.  Princess has priceless ones of Deb. Erlene is leaving early in the morning. We will miss her and we'll miss Bailey, too. We hope to see her in August, but we won't know until then whether that will be possible.  A lot depends upon communication not so much from Nancy to Erlene, but from Erlene to Nancy. It's a long, funny story; let's just leave it at that! Nancy learned something new from Erlene--how to apply nose drops appropriately. Nancy has been practicing because practice makes perfect, and she's almost there! Erlene lives in Colorado--that's good because Erlene appreciates beauty.

So, they want me to carry a stick, I'll carry a stick.

Tucker thought he was an otter.

Teddy loves to be muddy.
On the way back.
The road halfway to the stream was very pretty.  Nancy botched some pictures from the vista point. The truck didn't even hit 1.5 rpms.