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Mar 30, 2013

Just a Shorty, Here!

I wish we could have been on Hunting Island, camping with our friends this past two weeks. I think of all the laughs I missed and the runs on the beach. Both Lizzie and Jack enjoyed HI with such wild abandon. I miss camping with this group so much. Glad they all had such a wonderful time. 

I got a call from one this morning, and it was fun to hear Patricia talk about her days with the group. She, and others, pulled me from the depths of dispair in the midst of the worst time of my life. I know I've mentioned that before, but it deserves another mention. They are wonderful women.

It's looking more and more like I'll never go, again. (Pity Party in Session) I feel sorry mostly for Jack. Look at the boring life he leads now compared with what could have been.

Stole a picture from one of their facebook pages--I know she won't mind. There's another one I'd like to have, but I can't remember who posted it and where it is. Lizzie and Reileigh, I know, were running with them in spirit.

We were together many times, but as you can see from this past post of mine, the pups had as great a time as we did every time we met. You'll have to scroll down to see what a playground a big puddle is for the pups. Now, Reileigh's Mom has Carly--quite the character. She's a Lab, of course. I suspect looking at this picture that they've already run themselves out--that's a morning walk.

Mar 28, 2013

Shades of Caddy Shack!

Warning: This video clip may be offensive to some.

I've always been in the habit of leaving things at the bottom of the stairs to be taken up when I go for something else rather than make multiple trips. Yesterday was no different. I got half way up the stairs and remembered that I had left a few laundered items that needed to be put away. I turned around and I slipped--I was in socks and the stairs are wood. Bad combo. I didn't fall all the way down the stairs, but my instinct made me grab the railing and I think I pulled every muscle from my neck to my feet. My back, of course got the worst of it.

It was physical therapy day, today, so after a sleepless night I got up in miserable pain. Part (most) of me really did not want to go, the other part said I had to go. So, I literally dragged myself. I had a hard time getting from the truck to the building and the pool. I felt like I was a hundred years old.

When I got in the pool to warm up, I was glad I had opted to push through the pain because the water felt so good. Fifteen minutes into the session, the lifeguard blew the whistle, oh, no! "Everyone Out of the Pool". The culprit? A little tiny boy on the other side of the pool--learning to swim.

The rule is no one allowed back in for 30 minutes after the pool is cleaned. Rather than wait, I decided to leave so I wouldn't ruin the therapist's schedule as she had another client after me. As I said good bye I told her that I knew what to do, from now on, if she hurts me. So, at least we got a laugh out of it. I was surprised that even just 15 minutes of the water made the walk back to the truck better. Must be that my muscles need loosening in the morning which is my worst pain time. They have promised the first afternoon appointment they have open, they'll give to me, but apparently everyone prefers the afternoon--probably because their pain is worse in the mornings, too.

Susan, my daughter, has been staying with me. Last weekend her appendix ruptured. She had emergency surgery and was in the hospital until Tuesday. She received excellent care at the hospital where she works--VIP treatment! Doctors and coworkers stopped in to see her--all wishing her well. Nice people. So that's where I spent most of my weekend. The surgeon told me that she was very stoic...tell me about it. 

She still has a drain in, but is hoping a post op visit to the doctor tomorrow will change that. So, it was scary and she dodged a bullet, as the doctor told her--appendix was actually in two pieces. She's amazing...she's off getting a haircut at the moment and has pretty much resumed activities with the exception of working out or anything strenuous. Amazing that someone who might have spent two weeks in the hospital with a big scar not that many years ago for the same thing, is out and about in less than a week.

I feel very badly because I didn't think it was anything serious because she didn't present with the usual symptoms. She really should have been in the emergency room a day earlier. By her demeanor, I would never have guessed that she anything other than a good old fashioned stomach ache. Susan has been a life saver since my surgery. She's done all my shopping, walked Jack, and countless other things to help.

I just discovered that I didn't move my Turbo Collage over to this new computer, and I can't start the old one up. Drat. So until I can replace it, I'm just going to put a few random pictures of my dear, Susan. Maybe if she reads one day, she'll know how much I appreciated her help.
DOH, I did move the application to this new computer.

Mar 16, 2013

Why, a Child?

Mary, my little grand niece, is having a very difficult time. Complications are making her suffering worse than any child should have to suffer. This miserable disease has stolen her childhood. Please take a moment to watch these kids on the link below, and please rsend positive thoughts. My great nephew, Xavior, is going to shave his head in support for her and to help raise funds for children with cancer. He's just a little guy who loves his cousin. 

Hero of the Day!

And, my niece Jenny, pictured with her girls is a nurse at Good Samaritan's giving her heart and soul to help other people and their children, too. She's the Operating Room Nurse in scrubs saying she wants "her" patients to be in good hands.

I can't describe how brave this family is. I'm not skilled enough as a writer to tell you how cancer affects not only the child who has it, but how it ravages havoc in every part of the lives of all the family members. The Mother whose mixed blessing is to be a nurse so she knows more than most parent would know. The Dad, who's little girl he "can't make all better". The little Sister who is too young to be worrying about her sister, and knows about things no little girl should know. My sister and her husband, the Grandparents, who grieve not only for their little granddaughter, but for their "little girl". They can't pay their way out of this, they can't hope or pray their way out of it; they can only watch a precious little girl's childhood slip away.

I guess I hope by writing this that people will think of places like St. Judes or the cancer charity of their choice. If everyone in this country gave $1, maybe they could find a cure. I can't believe that we had enough money to send people to the moon, but we still can't cure this horrible disease.

Mar 3, 2013

Oh, My Achin' Back...

I was so happy to get through physical therapy on Wednesday doing so well. BUT! My back decided to object around 5 a.m. on Thursday morning and is just now letting me start to move a bit. Wow, that was unexpected, but that I could even do anything in the pool was unexpected. I have been in a world of hurt. Thank goodness I don't go back until the 6th. I wouldn't be able to drive to get there. I'm back on pain meds every four hours and even that is not keeping it fully under control, but it's a little better this morning. Except that I think this is probably to be expected, I'd be awfully depressed. Trying to keep a positive outlook.

Susan and Ron took off for Puerto Rico for a little R&R, hopping over to St. John's after two days. 

John came down to visit on Thursday. He's always such good company even if I'm lying on the couch. We just ordered a pizza delivered. He's so easy. Michael is in Los Angles this morning. He'll be meeting my niece, Linda, for breakfast. Then he flies back to somewhere in the midwest for business and home late Tuesday night. Amazing to think how mobile the world is, today. Susan thinks nothing of hopping a plane to go shopping in NY on a weekend or to Florida for a couple of days for a bit of sun in the winter.

I'm proud of all my granddaughters, but Keely, Michael's eldest, gets the spotlight this post. She got a job at Wendy's, and she is thrilled. I remember how happy I was to get my first job as a kid. It isn't as easy for kids, today. Adults are taking jobs that ordinarily would have been left for kids. Michael took her to get her prom dress a few weeks ago. She tried it on for us to see. Can you imagine when her hair is done and some dangly earrings to finish the look? I want to get her her shoes to go with it--some bling to match the bling on the dress. Excuse me while I brag a bit. :)

Clowning Around
Jack is funny. Now, when ever I put him and the little guy out in the yard, he sits and waits for Bogey. He won't come in until Bogey decides to stop goofing off, and it's cold out! I'll bet it was in the teens as Jack sat, patiently, and waited during the night. He used to do the same with Lizzie, but he was in love with her. I think this means he's starting not only to tolerate Bogey, he's starting to like him.

Jack chooses the other couch to sleep after visiting me for a while. Bogey is cold; he doesn't have a lot of hair, like Jack.  He moves down into the spot (thank you for getting off my head, Bogey) Jack warmed up for him; I wrap him up in a blanket and he's in heaven.

Now, posting doesn't seem right without a picture of my boy Jack, even if it is a repeat.