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May 2, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 21?

Well, the mountain hasn't moved, but Nancy's out there taking pictures of it.  ::raising eyebrows:: It is cold and the mountain is actually behind clouds. We are being good friends and suffering through the bad weather so that everyone will enjoy warm weather in Santa Fe.

We are going over to Roseanne's in a little while.  She needs to call Dodge, the brakes have a chatter and she wants to make sure they are okay--not just breaking in or something.

We went for a walk and met some really nasty dogs. Why do they always seem to want to   attack me--I've never done anything to them.

Will write later if there is any to add.  Susan is going home from Charleston, today.  I hope she isn't hitting any of the bad weather that we're seeing on the news.

Not much to write, today.  One piece of good news is that my niece, Amanda graduated from nursing school, yesterday.

I used to like it when she stayed at my house. They are a very happy family. Susan got home safely from Charleston.

Princess, Wilson and Bama Deb and my friends Tucker and Teddy are all tucked in safely for the night.  Will see them on Wednesday.

We spent the day with Roseanne and the children.  They are darling--all of them.  I enjoyed the action, but I am tuckered out.  Roseanne had made a great dinner for everyone and it smelled SO good.  All the kids were so good to me.
Angel and me.
Jake and me.

Angel and me, again.

This is Joey.  He came home, today.  He had gone with a friend and his family to Carlsbad Caverns and had to finish up two projects for school before bedtime, tonight.
Nancy didn't get a picture of Edie.  She is the girls' friend--I hope I see her, tomorrow.

Nancy also has to get some documents mailed off to the DMV,finally take me to PetSmart, call Dodge, and then we'll get to see the kids one last time.  The little guy wanted to know if we were going home forever or could we come back to see him after school, tomorrow.

Oh, Nancy heard from Gail and Pantless.  They had a memorable meet at Hickory Knob--lots of future campfire stories.  They'll be cackling until late at night at future meets.  Dixie, if you're reading, I hope you're feeling better.


  1. Dear Jack, maybe you can learn to use the camera and take some photos of Nancy for us to see! Allie and I are having fun following your travels.

  2. No, Nancy doesn't like her picture taken, Janis. I'm glad Allie is reading. I'm determined to make her my friend when I we camp together next time. She doesn't know what fun she's missing by not hangin' out with us goof offs.

  3. Jack - you are such an awesome writer and funny, too! I'm doing much better and thanks for asking. We had a good time camping, it went way too fast, but found a great local restaurant which we'll eat at next year when we camp near there. Hopefully, we can get more WACs to attend. Keep up the the blog and photos.


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