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May 18, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 36?

We got up and walked with Wilson and Tucker this morning. Then the ladies discussed what they were going to do for the day. Nancy really wanted to see the DAV Memorial because it's the last time she'll be here. The other ladies went to the fly shop as they planned to fish at Coyote Creek State Park (more about that later).

Unfortunately, the DAV Memorial has been taken over by the state and has been renamed Vietnam State Park, and was closed for renovations.

All Nancy could do was walk the grounds. Where the flags flew, there were no flags. The Westphall's family plot over looks Angel Fire; a very peaceful resting place.
She wondered who put the watch on Dr. Westphall's Grave--maybe a Vietnam Vet.  Who knows.
She put a stone on the plaque for Rich, as they always did.
She walked around the gardens--her favorite flowers were there.
And, as with so many coincidents that have happened on this trip, look kids:
Maybe it was meant to be that Nancy couldn't visit the DAV without Rich, but maybe he was there. I could tell she was disappointed, but when I told her I thought there was a reason, she felt better.

Deb came up with the idea to meet at the same place we ate lunch, yesterday, and find another place. We all enjoyed breakfast for lunch. Nancy ran over a plastic bucket in the parking lot, and Princess found that very amusing.

From there we went into the wilderness. Wilson had found a park where we should have stayed for all these days. I was so excited! I could go in the water! Yeah! I wanted to help Wilson fish, but Nancy told me I was chasing the fish away so after a little time in the water, I had to sit with Nancy and watch the fisherwomen do their thing.

Princess and Wilson were very excited. They even got dressed up in costumes in order to fish. They are good fisherwomen. They each caught two trout and a bunch got away. I could tell they were having a blast. Why, it must be one of their very favorite things to do.

Wilson, Princess, and Deb wanted to stay to fish. Deb didn't have a costume, but she had a fishing pole. 
Wilson had played ball with us (we lost one), so Tucker and I were pretty wet and tired. Teddy was too little to go in the water.
He was really indignant. Nancy said he reminds her of Jimmy Cagney.
Nancy wanted to go back to camp because I was drying out, and she threatened me with bodily harm if I got wet, again. Rather than take a chance, we left so that our bed would be dry, tonight. I didn't mind. I was tired and slept on the way home. Nancy stopped for groceries, gas, got something to eat and ran into Ace for something.  When she got back to camp, she was surprised to find Wilson already there!

Well, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The other ladies are leaving for home, tomorrow. They are giving themselves a few extra days to make the trip. Driving eight hours a day is difficult, so they'll have a good time on their way home, too.

Nancy said she thinks she'll stay one more day. She needs to get the trailer clean, get propane, and take a look at maps to decide exactly where she wants to go, next. We may take a ride into Taos one last time. We'll miss our pals, but it's time to move on to find new adventure. We've had a great time and thank our good friends for their company.
 Toward Dusk
 End of Day

 Something silly, no doubt.
 Wilson in her glory.

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