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Sep 30, 2011

Yeah! I'm Cured!!!

I got the all clear, today! Nancy's been a wreck, but I knew the Doc would give me good news, this morning. We even heard back from the Doc in Texas, already, so we're all celebrating.
We're all hooked up and ready to go. I generally like to write when we're traveling so you'll be hearing from me (Nancy gets lazy) We're leaving to meet our friend, "The Mayor", in Gulf Shores. Usually, we go to James Island in October, but we wanted a change and Nancy wanted to visit. Susie is anxious to meet the Mayor, too. The only thing left to do is load Susie's bicycle and put a few last minute items in including my computer. (Whoo Hoo, Susie's coming so I'll get to do a lot of walking and you know how I love to explore) The only problem with Gulf Shores compared to Charleston is that I'm not allowed on the beach. We used to go to Folly Beach over by Charleston. It doesn't matter to me because I don't like the waves, anyway, and Nancy doesn't want me to swim in the dog park lake (she's such a worry wort, and I refuse to wear that bright green life jacket!) Susie is the one that likes to take me to the beach--maybe we'll drive somewhere and find one, but she can go on her own, too. Maybe there will be a lake where I can swim a little--depends on how safe Nancy feels it is.

Nancy needs to get her back fixed as soon as we get home so we can camp with all our friends, again. Her family and friends will give her no peace until she finds a doctor.

We generally camp in mid and south Georgia during the winter and spring. I loved playing with all my friends, and have really missed them. Free at last!!

Then, (crossing fingers and holding breath) maybe we'll get to make another trip west! Whoo Hoo!

Thank you, everyone who reads this blog, for your good wishes over these past months. The good vibes worked! You're a good bunch!

Sep 17, 2011

Tears for Little Mary

She fights as mightily as any soldier called to battle. I wish I could fight it for her. 
Impossible to believe there is any kind of supreme being when an innocent child is so ill.

Sep 7, 2011

September 30

Well, our appointment with the vet is September 30 when we hope to get an all clear. I was really hoping that this would be the all clear to head out. I do have reservations down on the gulf, but whether or not I'll make them is a big question mark at this point.

I was intent on looking into my back problems to see if there might be a quick fix--even surgery would be okay to rid me of the pain that has tied me down for months, now. I was waiting to see if I could help my sister, in NY, when her husband went into the hospital for serious surgery so that I could help look after her dog and my two little nieces as needed, one being little Mary. She's fighting as surely as any soldier who has gone into battle has fought.

That all changed when I awoke with the shingles. I had heard of them, but I had no idea what they are. You don't want them, trust me. If you're 60+ and have had chicken pox, get the shot! They say 3-5 weeks with this awful pain, perhaps months, and in some instances forever. The doctors in my daughters anesthesia group have recommended a pain block if improvement isn't made within the 5 weeks. So, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself and for Jack. We have fought so hard for a year to save his life only for him to watch me do as little as possible. His walks have been limited to barely past the driveway--thank goodness for my daughter. She walks him whenever she possibly can. I've been grateful to all who have wished him well. He's on the couch beside me; sometimes, it's as though he knows something is wrong. The past couple of days I can sit up better and looked at email, today and will start catching up on blogs. Hope everyone has been well. I have three friends who are having a grand time; presently in the Tetons, and I'm so happy they got to "live" the dream, too.

Nothing more to say at the moment. Will just include a couple of pix of my best pal.

When I sleeps, I sleeps

Guess I better get down...

Nope, I think I'll catch more shut eye.