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Jan 12, 2017

I Want to Go

Last year was supposed to be my last hurrah trip to the west coast. The plan was to leave in May and spend a month in Idaho, a month in Oregon, and four months deciding what else I wanted to do. When Murphy came along and spoiled everything, I managed to get to Colorado--in the heat. I just read a post that is still a draft. I never posted it because I was down in mood and life in general. I think it was just everything combined that made me feel as though it was an incomplete trip and one I shouldn't have made even though I saw some beautiful things.

This year I'm going to try the same game plan and hope that Murphy stays away. I would like to leave in May and return in October as I did when Jack and I went. I've had a little return of SI joint pain the past couple of weeks which is discouraging, but I nursed it and I'm moving better. I think I'll wind up getting some more shots or maybe even another ablation before May, but I'll do anything I have to. After breaking my arm and wrist, I couldn't continue my exercise in the pool, and when I finally got back in after four months I tried to pick up where I had left off which was not smart because it put my upper back in agony. I remembered the surgeon telling me that about 75% of people develop upper back pain after lower back surgery, but I was elated that I was in the 25% Then, I went to Colorado so I'm even more out of shape although I didn't gain any weight back, but my upper back is giving me fits. I've had a bad couple of days, but today seemed to be a breaking point. The pain is under control in both places.

I purchased a couple of thermal shirts because the pool water seemed colder than usual the last time I went. My friend (and physical therapist) gave me some good advice. She said try 15 minutes and increase by 5 minutes per week. It will take me a long time to work back up to two hours, but tomorrow is the day. It's going to be 70 degrees according to the weather man.

Susan is going to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback when I get back in the fall when I return, and I will adopt an older small dog. I dog sat for a Chihuahua for a couple of days and he loved sitting on my lap and chilling. His name is Moose! Bogey will still visit when Michael travels, so they will all be socialized together.

Cutie Pie

Laura took this picture of Bogey and his new toy

Goof Ball things he's a lap dog and that I won't notice him when he climbs up on me in the recliner.
Because of Susan's odd hours at the hospital, the plan is for her to drop her dog off when she goes to work and pick him/her up on her way home. She has wanted a dog ever since Jack, but didn't feel it was fair to get a dog and leave it alone for long periods of time. I don't know what I would have done without her helping me with Jack, so it's my turn to return her goodness. She is so happy that she is beside herself. She even has a name picked out and is reading all about the breed. At the same time I can continue to see my boy, Bogey, and give a little older dog a good life.

Rhodesian Ridgeback--beautiful aren't they?
I decided to write my plans down because I feel like it gives me something to look forward to. When I return from the west, if the kids aren't going to use the trailer, I'll sell it lock, stock, and barrel with everything in it. Whoever buys it won't have to buy a thing--not even dishes or silverware. I'll be ready to hang out at the house.

I meant to post, but didn't get around to it, that Marian and Tom Kruger stopped by with their two adorable Yorkies, Chance and Maddie, on their way home from Knoxville (they live in Florida). I met them in Albuquerque when I went out to Colorado. What a great couple they are. Funny how you meet someone and feel like you've known them for years. I hope to see them, again. Unfortunately, the visit was short and with all our gabbing I forgot to take a picture. I did show them the video I had of them pulling out of Enchanted Trails in New Mexico and the two pups.

I had no pictures to show, really, except for a picture of Bogey, the Kruegers, and a picture of a Ridgeback. They are beautiful dogs. It was actually me who asked Susan if she'd be interested in the breed--I just wanted Lizzie and Jack to have their own special places in our memories. That sounds good, but I'm not quite sure why, really. At any rate, Susan was delighted. One good thing and the only thing I don't miss about L&J is the shedding. Ridgebacks seem much the same temperment, etc. as a Lab but shed a little less. The little dog I choose will be one that won't shed (I hope) and Bogey doesn't shed. It's great not to have to vacuum every hour on the hour, especially with a bad back.