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Apr 29, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 18?

We kept busy, today. First, we took a long walk and then we played ball. There was a cow in the field that stopped eating and started watching me. Then, another one stopped what he was doing and started looking at me. I really started to get a little nervous. Nancy and I knew that Rich would be saying something very witty and clever if he were here.  Everyone remembers him for his wit and quiet sense of humor.   Seems strange that I'm running in the same field where he and Lizzie walked together before I was born. 

The wind was relentless, today. Nancy tried to take pictures of it. I don't know how they came out or whether you'll be able to tell. We've gotten used to the rocking.

There's no PetSmart in Amarillo so we couldn't get an extra bag of food, but there is one in Albuquerque. I'm so excited when we go because it's the only store that humans let me in.

Susie is going to one of my favorite places, tomorrow. She's going to Charleston. We always had such good times with Lizzie over there--she loved the water--even more than me, she loved the water. One time when we were camping with Molly and Jazz and their Mom, she was way up high and it looked like she was going to jump into the river. We really got scared because she really couldn't see very well and we thought maybe she thought the water was closer than it was. Fortunately, she listened to Nancy and came down. I swear, she could smell water a mile away.

We went to stock up the fridge and the cupboards, today, so that we can just pull over to have lunch and don't have to go out at night to eat. Nancy gets the lunchables (Pantless turned her on to them) and she gets Lean Cuisines for dinner. She's been spoiling herself while here--been to Wendy's a few times. She said they don't have them out west.

While we were in the parking lot we came across a very clever and imaginative RV. Nancy said it reminded her of the days of the flower children. I think these people probably know how to enjoy life to its fullest, don't you?

We took a ride for about an hour and a half, before it got dark.  This is barren country, but it's interesting country. It's so different than what I'm used to. We drive a long time to get to a store, and on the way we see things like lama ranches.

Oh, wow, all of a sudden the wind just stopped. The trees aren't moving at all.  Whew...maybe it will be an easier trip, tomorrow.

Nancy took two more pictures of the sunset last night. We took a walk and it was like being inside of a kaleidoscope. There's no sunset tonight--just grey dusty skies. Oops, I spoke to soon. It's not as bad, but it started to blow, again.

Goodnight my sweet prince.


  1. We think the Jay Feather should get a similar paint job. How cool would that be to travel around in.
    M & J

  2. I will say one thing for the mid west, the sunsets are magnificent!!!

  3. Hey, I have an idea, M and J! The next time we all get together on a meet with all of our friends' Mom's, they could all bring a paint brush and do something really wild and crazy! Good idea!!!

    That's if Nancy doesn't sell it out here if the dark cloud doesn't quit following her.

  4. Barbara, Nancy has always said that New Mexico is the place to see a sunset. I have no idea why that is, but it is. We saw the sunrise this morning...grumble, grumble, grumble.


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