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May 19, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 38?

What's with this 4 a.m. thing? I could blame it on the time change if she was up at 6 a.m. every morning E.S.T.

We ate and went for a long walk.  Nancy let me smell anything I wanted to smell, and she let me take her where I wanted to go. I love that! Then, we went to mail the CDs to Erlene, Deb, Wilson, and Princess.

When Nancy came out of the Post Office, she decided to go up the road which actually almost took us back to Santa Fe. The road was curvy and narrow so not good for picture taking, but she did manage to get a couple of shots. We have no idea where we were. We got hungry and thirsty, and there are no restaurants up in them thar hills. So, we headed back. I have no description for the pictures because Nancy didn't really know where she was. John called and Nancy pulled over to talk to him for a while, and then Uncle Paul, Nancy's brother, called. She had to turn around and go back up a hill to get a signal because they got cut off. We feel badly that we won't get to meet Guy and Adrienne, but Uncle Paul said it's just too difficult for them with work, family, etc. It won't be long before we see him, though, and spend some time with him. I hope the weather is nice so I can sit outside of Dunkin' Donuts with them. He said we will be camped about 40 miles away from his house, so we'll work out a place where we can all spend time, together. They will probably do a lot of gabbing. Good thing, because when Susie comes, we'll be on the go for sure. She and Michael like to "keep moving".

Nancy gave me some water and a little "lunch", and then she went to Applebee's and had a Reuben, then stopped to get gas. She said she came back because the wind was really picking up. We went for a walk when we got back, and now we're going to take a nap.  Nancy's tired and so am I.

Well, sleep we did. In the midst of a wild and wooly thunder storm, opening our eyes only long enough to see that we hadn't blown away.
Now it's still as I've ever seen it, here, and we're about to see the best sunset, I think. Deb, Princess and Wilson are all safely in for the night. Nancy and I are looking forward to moving along, tomorrow. Right now, we're going for a walk and will enjoy the quiet.

Nancy thought for a moment that something happened to her camera, but it is okay.  Just a glitch, I guess.

The storm clouds have moved toward the mountains. Except for all these other people in RVs, I'd have a chance of getting a good shot of the sunset. I've realized that since Rich and I were here, everything has grown. I got beautiful pictures of the sunset back, then, now everything is in the way.  It's still beautiful, however. It bathes the east in gold and the other parts of the sky in pinks and yellows. Couldn't get a picture of that.  Battery is charging. The sun sets for the last time on us:

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