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May 29, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 48

Today, I decided I'd chew one of the bones that Susie bought me. I guess that means I’m bored. Nancy took the best part away from me and threw it in the trash. When I came in I took it out of the trash, but she took it away, again. She says it’s too slippery and I might choke.

Nancy found two potato recipes for the crock pot, but the local supermarket didn’t have half the ingredients so she decided to drive 25 miles to the nearest town. No market there. Oh, well chips and dip, it will be.

Someone cut in front of her and the camera went flying—crack! We were sure it was broken, but it wasn’t.

Nancy took her shower very early this morning, but she said it was freezing. It’s 72 degrees, now, with a beautiful breeze.  People aren’t as friendly as Nancy remembers—she and Rich used to meet couples in RV parks all the time. Not so, here.

John, Nancy’s been meaning to tell you that if you have designs on a car from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and you don’t mind some body rot, New Mexico is the place to get one.

Nancy finally watched “Constant Gardener” last night.  We’ve both become bored. When we used to travel with Rich we were always busy and they were such good company for one another. They really didn’t need anyone else. So many of the people who stay here are “Friends of the Railroad” so they all know each other.

Nancy says nothing seems quite as beautiful or interesting to her, as everything once did. I guess that’s natural. She’s not sorry she’s making the trip, but it’s very different. It’s probably this campground. It’s full, now, no internet and only three TV channels; one without sound. We’ve done all the drives we can do unless we go to Durango, so Nancy thinks we’ll just leave early and go there. So, she dug down into her stash of movies to get us through the weekend. She’s reading a book, too, “Queen of the Road”, but her eyes get tired. Pantless called earlier—it was good to hear from her.

We were supposed to stay here until Friday, the 4th, but now we’re thinking we’ll leave Tuesday or Wednesday. Nancy has to get in touch with bj. When she originally thought she could camp with bj, she thought Susie was coming out on the 5th and leaving on the 10th--she misunderstood. That would have worked out fine. bj had one week she couldn't make it, so Nancy has to go back in her email and see what week that is. Since she works, we might have to just fit in a cup of coffee--unless we only stay at Aunt Dorothy's a couple of days. We'll have to see how it works out. Maybe, Nancy and Aunt Dorothy could go over to see bj--Aunt Dorothy might enjoy that.


  1. That's the joy of your adventure. You can change plans at will. It is always hard to re-live wonderful times and memories...but you and the Jackman are making new ones together.

  2. You're right, Wilson. The sadness comes in waves, but mostly when we have nothing to do! We will cherish the memories we made with you guys.


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