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May 13, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 32?

At the moment, Nancy and I are laying in bed thinking of all the things that need to be done before moving on to Taos.  First, of course, she needs to tend to my needs which means food and a walk. (doing the happy dance)

The ladies are going to stop in Chimayo for lunch at a restaurant that Princess found. We'll also stop to see a church where it is said many miracles have happened. El Santuario de Chimayo ShrineThen, we'll move on to Taos where Nancy will appreciate a REAL shower. Then there's all the laundry! Ack! She's learning that clothes can be worn more than once while camping. As for me, I have no problem in that department.

Well, time to get started.  I expect it will be a very pretty ride, and we're looking forward to it. I hope the weather stays cool because then I get walked more.

This was just the kind of day Nancy and I like-on the move. Everyone was up and at it anxious to be on our way to Taos. This picture was taken at the restaurant in Chimayo, but I wanted you to see what a happy mood everyone was in.
We drove different routes. We took the back roads through all the little New Mexican towns (basically following the Rio Grande) enjoying all the sights and the difference in architecture. Nancy walked me while she was waiting for the others to arrive. She started to worry whether they were okay, because she thought they'd be there before her. It wasn't easy to find.  Nancy passed it once and stopped to ask a man in a body shop where it was. He was funny. He asked her if she had a hundred dollars. Nancy said she wouldn't be able to eat. So, then he said, "Okay, seventy-five." Nancy shook her head, laughing. "Fifty? Okay, I'll settle for Twenty." It turned out she was only about a quarter to half a mile past it. The streets are narrow so she was concerned about turning around, but the man said she could do it, and she did. There were horses on the restaurant property. I sure wish I could have gone in because Princess did an excellent job choosing the restaurant. It was so pretty, and Nancy said the food was was excellent. She had trout which was a little on the cool side, but tasted very good even so. These ladies could have had fun eating at a roadside dive, but thanks to Patricia's nose for the finer things in life, this was a very enjoyable experience, and I'm glad Nancy got to enjoy it with such good friends.

We arrived at the restaurant from different directions. They couldn't have gotten there at a better time--plenty of space to pull Their rigs in one behind the other. Nancy meant to take a picture of them lined up, but she forgot.  Outside were a number of interesting sculptures.  

After lunch, we went to the church of miracles. I don't remember the name, but Patricia will have it in her blog, I'm sure.  Nancy said there were no pictures allowed inside the church. People still attend mass there.  Nancy noticed one young girl who was praying, and she couldn't help but wonder what miracle she might have been praying for. Whatever it was, Nancy said she hoped it came true.

The grounds of the church were very interesting. Nancy took a lot of pictures, but here are a few just to give you an idea of what it was like. If there was an explanation for what these "grottos" were, Nancy missed it, but thought it was an interesting picture.
This was the river behind the church. Nancy's inclined to think it's part of the Rio Grande.
They still hold mass inside the chapel, but also outside on the grounds.

Nancy suspects that this is what's left from Easter celebration.

On the way out, Nancy noticed a long fence. On the fence were crosses that she supposes people put there either in memory of loved ones or for those whose miracles came true.
On the way out, Nancy took a couple of pictures of Princess, Wilson, and Deb.

The drive over to Taos was bittersweet. This was the trip that they had always planned--back roads all the way. It was different, for Nancy, not to be taking pictures along the way or laughing at something Rich would have said. It was a beautiful drive, but I saw a couple of tears slip down Nancy's cheek. I tried to get closer to her so I put my head between the seats. She patted my head and said she loved me. After a while I fell asleep.
Here's one of many churches that we saw along the way and she took this one "on the fly". That's why it's not very good. A solo driver can't pull over to take the pictures that Nancy used to take out of the window of a moving car.
The scenery, at times, was breath taking. Nancy managed to get a shot of the gorge. We're planning to visit the bridge that we've crossed so many times. Nancy, Princess, Wilson, and Deb have decided to sign up for three days as there is a lot they want to see, and Nancy has chores (laundry-ugh) and taking care of the ticket that have to be done.
When we turned onto the road to get to the campground, Nancy realized she and Rich, Lizzie, and I stayed here. In fact, Susie stayed here, too.  I remember it for the sunsets that we saw. When we parked, Nancy unhitched, took me for a walk and headed for the showers. She was a bit disoriented so Deb drove her on the tailgate of her truck--she was going that way, anyway. (photo by Princess)

Nancy came back and said she felt like a new woman.

Well, I expect tomorrow will be another exciting day. I'm tired and falling asleep as I write, and Nancy is already asleep. I know I've left things out, but it's hard to remember everything that happens in a day. At times, the ladies laughed so hard they cried. They can be so silly, at times. It's a good thing the pups are in charge.