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Oct 22, 2014

Terror in Canada

My thoughts and heart go out to our neighbors to the north during this terrible time. I hope to hear that they catch the terrorists (cowards) before they can do more harm.

Finally! I Met Jim and Sandie Dixon!

I haven't blogged in a long time--not much of interest going on UNTIL yesterday! Jim and Sandie Dixon pulled in and they were as delightful as I knew they would be. Jack knows people who love dogs so he took to them right away. Lately he objects to me chatting with other people (even on the phone), but it didn't bother him a bit as Sandie, Jim, and I got to know each other.

I finally got to see those four huge eyes in person! Skittles and Skooter are darling and so well behaved. They stayed in the trailer--not a peep out of them. 

I wanted to have a nice dinner for my guests, but with my back I can't stand long enough to cook so I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Enter my wonderful daughter, Susan, who offered to save the day. She not only made a big dish of delicious lasagna, but she shopped for everything including the makings of a great salad for which she made the dressing. I can't thank you enough, Susan.

I sort of figured Jim was an apple pie al a mode kind of guy and I was right. He and I had big portions but Sandie made us look bad because she eats like a bird!!

They are off and on their way home. I had hoped they could stay longer, but they were set back a week and had to be on their way. I hope I will get to see them, again, one day. Their love and respect for one another is so obvious, it makes it a pleasure to be with them. Donna and Russ, your ears may have been burning. :)

Thank you, Sandy and Jim, for making my day.