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May 14, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 33

Well, we've had better nights.  Nancy was up and down all night--altitude? I hardly got any sleep. I really felt sorry for her, but there was nothing I could do. She woke up for good at 4 a.m., then went to do laundry at 6 a.m. only to find out they didn't have a change machine. So, she waited until the office opened and did half the laundry, and will do the rest, tonight. She didn't take me with her--they wouldn't allow it. Only the place in Arkansas and Amarillo would allow me in. So, what do you expect? I spent some time on the couch when she was gone. When she got back, she sneezed. I HATE when she sneezes. At home, Lizzie and I used to run out of the room.  Where am I supposed to run, now?
We went for a walk. I don't like this park very much.  There are stones--how would humans like to walk barefoot on stones. Nancy takes me out to the road so I don't hurt my feet.

We got one thing solved, today. The money order for the ticket is on its way to Arkansas. They didn't give a specific address to mail it so she just used the address at the top of the ticket. The post office couldn't use a credit card to buy a money order; only a debit card. So, off to the nearest ATM we went. The ATM wouldn't take the card, at first. Then someone in the bank helped. So, back to the post office we went. The lady that helped us both times was very nice. It killed Nancy to fork over $140., but as I told her, it's better than going to the clinker. How would I get home?

Here's a cute little out of the way gallery across from the post office.
We didn't go in. Maybe before we leave.

Deb stayed home to rest, today. Princess and Wilson were off exploring. Nancy was going to go to the Taos Pueblo with them, but instead we went to the plaza where she walked around taking pictures that she already has. ::shrug::  Then, Princess and Wilson came and she sat with them at lunch and had a coke--I was zonked in the truck. It hailed at one point--seems to have cleared, now.

Princess and Wilson went on to the Taos Pueblo. Oh, they saw the Rio Grande Bridge, too.  Nancy's going to take me there tomorrow or the next day. We're going to walk on the path, together, just like we did with Rich.

When we got home, Nancy took me for a walk even though she didn't feel good, but now we're in the trailer resting. I hope she feels better, tomorrow, so we can go on the enchanted loop with everyone else. We'll see. I'll finish with pictures of Taos.

This is two sculptures in one.  Can you see them?
New Mexico is a very patriotic state.

Because of the rain and not feeling good, Nancy didn't take many pictures of the campground. Just one of Wilson's site and one of the "wood tents" for picnic tables--Susan will remember them. I'm hoping that everyone will get to see a sunset. I remember how beautiful they were when I was here last.

I thought I was finished for the night, but had to report a storm that blew through here and rocked and rolled the camper. I called Deb, and she was as shocked as I was.  Wilson and Princess were on their way home, and they got here safely. It's storming, now, and I suspect it will continue through the night.  Tornadoes were reported in the southeast part of the state.


  1. Great photos. Hope Nancy gets over whatever's ailing her.
    M & J

  2. Hi, M & J !

    She's trying life savers, now. ::rolling eyes:: What are we going to do with these humans.


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