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Feb 27, 2012

Spam Delete Warning

Well, a while back I discovered under design/comments/spam in blogger that there was a place to delete spam that blogger caught. Be careful, I just deleted a whole bunch of comments which was so stupid on my part, and there's no way to retrieve them. I guess if they get into the spam bin, it's just best to leave them. I should have left well enough alone since Blogger does a very good job of catching it, but oh, no, I just had to fiddle around.

What a dope!

Feb 23, 2012

Setting the Record Straight [getting on soapbox]

For those of you who may have seen the word "contribution" in my post on the 21st, please note that it was a request for "information" not money. Another blogger posted on their blog that it was time for me to "stand on a street corner" obviously skimmed and made an incorrect assumption and chose to chastise me on their site instead of leaving a comment on my post.

They obviously don't read their comments, either, because they also said that it was odd that my rebuttal was the first time I ever posted a comment on their blog. I suggest they go back to read as I have--I have posted numerous times.

Petty and boring to many, I'm sure, but maybe a lesson learned. I would have preferred that the displeasure had been posted in a comment under the "offending" post so that I could have cleared the air promptly. [stepping off soap box]

A Really Heart-Warming Story

For Dog Lovers (Video)

Feb 21, 2012

For Dog-Loving RVers

Dog Beaches

I think many of you will be interested in this site maintained by Tidal Flats Kennels , and hopefully, maybe you'll be able to contribute to their project which was created and is maintained by the goodness of their hearts and their love for dogs. They have named mostly beaches on the east coast, but I'm sure they'd be interested in lakes and streams and their locations and names where you've let your water-loving dogs enjoy life, for the future.

Feb 20, 2012

Disappointed - Dreams Dashed

Not the first time, probably not the last. Not the biggest and not the smallest. Time of life makes a difference, though. The older one gets, the more impact disappointment has because there's not a lot of time to make up for it.

Wonder if there is anything happy in my world at the moment. Even the daffodils know--they came early so there will be no spring color <shrug>. Maybe they are pissed, too. I know I'm spoiled because there are so many who have much more serious things and dashed dreams to be sad about, but I'm allowing myself a moment. Forgive me. 
A Flower for Me

I was venting and didn't intend to post this because I was/am ashamed of myself for even writing it. I was brought down to earth by some very happy news about a little girl who has the right to be disappointed for having her dreams dashed at such a tender age. She couldn't go where she wanted to go this year or do the things she wanted to do this year; and she was very sick on top of all that.

My little grand niece, Mary, is going on a maintenance drug. She has fought a valiant battle this past year, and the next 18 months are not going to be easy for this brave little girl, but if I can rejoice because we've hit a milestone in a little girl's illness, how then can I be disappointed in anything else. How can there be room for my disappointment. I guess it's a flaw in human nature for which I humbly apologize to Mary.
A Flower for Mary

Feb 13, 2012


Well, you learn something every day. I've been using blogger for a long time, and I just discovered that I should be checking the spam box under Comments. Four comments weren't posted--one by Sandie and Jim and the other by T. My apologies. And, Sandie, even though you asked way back in September, I'll try to make the font readable!!

While I'm on, I have one more thing I've learned. iPhone. Some aps keep running in the background. To save battery power, click on home twice and aps will appear on the bottom with a minus sign. Touch the minus sign on each, and they stop drawing on the battery or so says Apple.

Feb 5, 2012


One could look at this as good news or bad news. Jack and I have been hanging around the house, bored to tears, except for our walks. That's better than dire illness, but it gives one time to wonder how much time is left on this side of life. How much time is left with limitations that keep me from doing what I want to do.

As far as I know, I have no life threatening illness but I've got problems that could keep me from my dream trip in March. And, I'm mad. One is the old back that you've heard me complaining about before. The pain reared its ugly head, again,  yesterday.

Fortunately, Susan is on call, so she came over to walk him, today--he was so happy to see her, he was butt tucking around the house--he loves her. 

I have the wanderlust, and I want to take Jack west, again. I live it, I dream it, and without that dream I don't have much to dream about, or for that matter--not much to live for. I can't stand the thought of spending another hot, humid, insect infested summer in Georgia. I want to see the mountains of Idaho and Colorado, more of Montana and Washington, the coast of California and Oregon, and new lakes and glaciers. I hate knowing where I'll be every night and all day.

I got the trailer leak fixed--water coming in through the tail light and a new, better inverter. I can't allow myself the luxury of a new hot water heater or tank (whichever it is), but the guy who came out to fix the leak (that I fixed) said he doesn't think it's that--more like a connection leaking. The question is, "Do I trust him?" I'll see in the next couple of weeks if I want to spend the money to let him check it out. Otherwise, I'll just leave it bypassed and I'll have to try to find places to take showers (see, subconsciously, I still think I'm leaving!). I Still have a new 2000eu Honda in the box, but can't lift it up onto the bed of the truck which needs to be detailed and the bed organized. I just can't do it. Heck vacuuming a room does me in, so I take one room at a time. Frustrating.

Jack is doing just great--lively and ready to run/go any time of the day or night. He's such a happy pup. Thank goodness he is healthy. Considering what happened last year, I'm very grateful.

If I go without attending to my back, there will be little walking--especially no hills. Jack's well behaved enough so that I can get him out and find places to let him run, especially when we're out in the boonies, but getting out on foot to explore was half the fun last time we went. On the positive side, driving doesn't bother me and neither does lying (or is it laying) down. Well, maybe I can just find a lake or a stream, sit on a log and throw sticks and balls for him to fetch--let him swim until he's tired.

I'm writing because I'm bored. I'm writing because I miss my old pal too much to describe, and my pup, Lizzie. I'd love to post some pictures, but I don't have any to post.

*They* say you are as old as you feel. Today, that's not a good thing--I find myself wondering how I got here so quickly.

Well, this was a boring post, as promised in the title, but it was good to write it. My hope is that those of you who can still travel, realize how lucky you are and to remind you to enjoy your days to the fullest. For those of you who still have your soul mate-- enjoy every moment, together. Take not a moment for granted for it can all end in an instant and life is never the same.

So, to try to satisfy my yearning, today, I looked back through pictures and remember where I was when I took every one of them. I wish there had been or that I knew of blogs when Rich and I traveled and digital cameras. I have thousands of 35mm pictures.

Random Memories of my last trip with Jack...
Near Bruce Meadows ID
View From My Campsite-Stanley ID
The Sawtooths
Along a River...somewhere in ID
For Sale in McCall ID
Octopus Tree
On the Way to Ghost Town, Warren ID

Payette Lake ID
On the Way to Salmon ID
On the Way to Stites ID
Ribbon Road to Lewiston ID
A Part of Some Lucky Soul's Homestead
That's Mt. Ranier above the clouds!
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Oh, My Oregon Coast
Following the Trask River
Wandering around the water near Tillamook OR
The Mighty Columbia River
Oregon Coast on a Windy Day
Astoria OR
Where Rich was Stationed
Home Sweet Home

View From Mendencino
One of Few Pictures Along the Coast Road From San Francisco to Oregon

The Headlands


Sausalito CA

San Quentin

North of Chama NM

Lemon Lake