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May 11, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 29

I'm going to make up for pictures and post some, first.  We are having a great time.  This place is beautiful. Nancy will be on her way to Los Alamos in a little while, with Wilson, to get a new battery.  It went dead last night (actually, I wrote this on the wrong day, but you get the jist of it), and we about froze to death until she hooked up the truck and drew from that battery to get the ignition on the gas heater going.  So, here's some pictures taken last night just to get started. I'll be back later.

I'm getting a little mixed up as far as what happened on what day. It has been very windy up here. Today, while the others did other things, we went down and bought some groceries, replaced the pipe for the hitch thingy, got a Verizon card so we can have internet no matter where we stay, and took a nice ride home to have some more fun with everyone. Once again, Princess made a wonderful meal. I wasn't allowed to eat any, but I could tell by the way it smelled. Wilson wore us all out with the ball; that's what we're doing under Princess's motor home--resting and regaining our strength for another round of craziness.

Nancy is feeling a lot better, tonight, though not 100% she said.

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