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Sep 10, 2012

Remembering 911

It doesn't matter how you remember...just remember

And most important of all, let us all remember our Armed Forces who face their own personal 911's every day so that we may never have another on our soil.

Sep 8, 2012

A Great Morning

Seems odd that I visited a place I used to live, this morning. I went to Stone Mountain to meet Sean and Kate, a lovely young couple and their little boy, Sawyer. They are camped at the Stone Mountain campground. I had met Sean, before. He made his Mom (a very good friend of mine) and me breakfast and a steak dinner at Victoria Bryant State Campground on Mother's Day a number of years ago.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Kate and little Sawyer who I see on Facebook. He is adorable! He is Mr. Personality and such a BOY. No whining--just great big smiles. Sean and Kate are a great couple. I thought they were so cute the way the worked together in such an easy going manner making a breakfast of sausage, potatoes, onions, cheese and eggs for tortillas. Delicious! They are both excellent cooks (chefs, really). Kate bakes cupcakes in her own business, and I expect her to become a very well known caterer. I think she's probably well-known in her area, now. She's going to be doing some weddings, in the fall I think she said. At any rate, I got to benefit from their culinary skills this morning. Sean is a fireman in Florida--my Dad was a fireman, and many of them are good cooks because they cook while on duty. Sean is no exception. 

Sawyer does everything with his Mom and Dad; today they are climbing Stone Mountain (Well, Sawyer gets to ride in a back pack)!  They went to the aquarium the other day, and tonight it's the laser show. Sawyer was showing me the Taxi Boat that went by--they had been on that. There were two surf boards on the ground and Sean says he and Kate go out on the lake and stand on them and paddle while the little guy sits on Sean's and puts his feet in the water. Jack enjoyed himself and behaved as well as could be expected since they were camped right on the water. Sawyer wasn't one bit afraid of him--I suspect it's because he has Molly his "Omi's" pup and Jack's friend to play with. I think the campsite is the very one that Rich and I used to camp at when our children were little--there used to be fishing contests at the lake. We awoke at dawn and the mountain was pure gold as the sun shined on it.

As I drove away, I thought, "I'd like to come here to camp so that I can take pictures of the park." I was so intent on just taking pictures of Sawyer and enjoying the company that I didn't take of many of anything else. I really think their site is the nicest in the park. Funny how you can overlook the pretty places in your own back yard.

Aww...geez, I really wanted to go swimming...

I wanted to leave early so that it wasn't too hot when they climbed the mountain. It was so nice of them to make time for me. They are an adorable little family. I'm so glad I was able to get to meet them.

Before closing, it's a special day in my life. My son, Michael, was born on this date. Happy, happy birthday, Joy Boy.

Sep 6, 2012

Girls' High School Softball

Jack and I went down to my son, Michael's, today and enjoyed an afternoon visit with him (It was mostly watch him work while waiting). We left Jack at his home while we went to watch Keely's (Granddaughter) team, play softball.

Toward the end of the game one of the little girls was hit in the head by a stray ball and was taken off by ambulance. She was conscious, but I'm glad precaution was taken and hope that she's okay, today. I left a message for Michael to find out, but haven't heard back, yet.

I was amazed at how fast the pitches are and how hard some of the girls could hit the ball. To tell the truth, I was glad Keely didn't play--I would have been a nervous wreck watching. In fact, I don't think I could have watched.

Frankly, I was disheartened by the display of poor sportsmanship from parents of both teams. School activities are supposed to teach while providing healthy physical activity for kids. I felt some of the parents should have been asked to leave the field for inappropriate behavior. One coach was sent packing for a completely unnecessary comment. While parents booed the umpire for throwing her out, I felt he was spot on, and I commend him. What's worse? The coaches are teachers, in some cases, and of course parents. The two most influential people in a child's life.

I left my camera behind in my purse at Michael's house, but I tried to get a few shots, through the fence, with my phone. I wondered, as I took them, how she could have grown up in a day, and how I wish Rich could see and know her, now.

Sep 2, 2012

Can't Wait Until November!

I just had to write to tell you my exciting news. Mac and I are taking Nancy and his Mom and Dad up to Watersound in November for five days. Then, Nancy and I will go to Cozy Bear for a few days maybe in January and February--have to figure out the days--probably a Tuesday and Wednesday each time--have to see when it is available! We have so much fun when we go up to the mountains--the cabins are so warm and welcoming, and close to Blue Ridge, Georgia which is a great town. Nancy says, "If we can't go in the trailer, we'll figure out a way to get away, anyway."

If you've read my blog for a while, you might remember Mac. He took my bone and wouldn't give it back to me, but he's still my friend. He's a little guy and I wouldn't hurt him. I just sort of laughed (nervously) when he lifted his lip when I tried to get my bone. We'll have fun together in November. I bet Nancy will bring two bones.

When we were at Cozy Bear the last time, Nancy took pictures of a very pretty horse. John drove her all over the countryside. He knows all the backroads. Nancy will take some rides when we go this year, too.