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May 1, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 20?

Well, it’s 4:15 a.m.  Nancy is exhausted, but I guess the time change and altitude is bothering her.  It’s a good thing we brought a lot of blankets with us.  It went below freezing last night, but we’re nice and cozy snuggled up under at least three blankets.  Nancy said she doesn’t care if she smells like a kennel (and of course, I don’t either)—she’s getting used to just being with me.  I think the past few days have unnerved her, but I know she’ll be okay in a few days.  Usually, if she wakes up in the middle of the night she goes on the internet to stop thinking, but that’s not an option tonight…er…this morning.

Okay, another strike against this campground.  We haven’t watched much TV on this trip—many times it’s on, but we’re not watching, and we leave it on when we’re gone from the trailer as a security measure.  Not being able to sleep, Nancy turned it on.  Great if you want religion, speak Spanish, or are into cartoons.

Okay, it’s back.  Must have been the weather, either that or Nancy’s rather loud “call to the management".  She took a shower at 5 a.m., and came back grumbling, “I could have brought a hose into the camper food closet, the shower was so small.”  I had gotten out of our bed and up onto the couch to wait for her.

Then, we ate and took a long walk.  I think we both have a little altitude sickness—Nancy’s out of breath—more than usual.

Today, she has to see if she can find a Dodge dealer to take care of the truck on Monday as she leaves on Tuesday.  I’ll probably add to this later, but while the Wifi is up, I’ll go ahead and post this and add more, later.

Nancy managed to get an appointment to get the oil and filter done at Dodge and found out she also needed brakes.  Roseanne came over and showed us where the dealer was.  First, though, she took us to see her very own special mountain--near the house where she used to live.  Her grandkids are so adorable, so polite, so loving and helpful to one another--I had fun with them all day and they were so good to me.
Three of Roseanne’s grandchildren were with her.  They showed us their home and then took us to see the house they used to live in.  On the left is my bud, Angel, then my friend, Jake, and Sara(h) who is the sweetest girl.  They are wonderful children.

Then we went on to Dodge.  My friend, Chris (the service manager), said it would take about two hours.  Nancy asked if there was a place where we could sit and he said, "Sure, you and my buddy can sit in the waiting room."  His brother has two of my cousins and their names are Tick and Flea.  Chris kept coming in to see me while we were there, and then before I knew it, Ron was also giving me lots of attention.  I enjoyed our time at Dodge, and meeting new friends.   Nancy was relieved to get the truck maintained.  It had barely been 3000 miles since an oil filter and oil change--for the diesel it's supposed to be 7500 between changes.  Nancy just knew that the filter had to be clogged with sand after the ride, yesterday.  In fact, the truck looks like we've had it off road.  With the pounding of sand, it's a wonder there's any paint left let alone the wax from the detail that was done before we left Atlanta.

We went back to Roseanne’s house where they treated me like a prince.  Roseanne had corn beef sandwiches which were delicious, Nancy said.  I didn't get to have any.  I met Chelsea and April, at the house.  They are also very, very nice girls and beautiful, like Sara(h).  Chelsea works at Dairy Queen.  Nancy didn’t know it was only her second day on the job and she told the kids she was going to take them all for ice cream.  They are so cute.  They call her "Miss Nancy".  I hope she didn’t make Chelsea nervous.  It was fun to be with the kids, but I had to wait in the truck when they were in Dairy Queen.

Were' back at the campground, now.  We went for a walk, and I'm ready for bed.  Nancy just had a bloody nose and I’ve been feeling really tired.  Nancy thinks its the altitude for sure, now.  It takes a few days to acclimate.

Well, I'm about to nod off--the news is talking about the bomb square in Times Square.   Such a pity there is so much evil in this world.

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