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May 4, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 23

Oh, we're so comfy, we don't want to move. It's going to be a beautiful day. We're off to Santa Fe (well, that rhymed!). Watching the news--feel very sorry for the people in Nashville. It's got to be awful to be in a flood.

Nancy keeps saying she's got to get up and start packing, but there's no obvious motion coming from her direction, at the moment. I let her wrap me in blankets last night, and I'm very comfortable right now. Ugh, just heard on the news that it's going to be windy in Santa Fe. Well, thank goodness, it's not a very long drive from here. More later...

Well, that was easy! An easy hours drive and we're here and we're all set up! Nancy recognizes the campground as one she and Rich stayed in. The weather is glorious. We sat outside for a while. Wifi is fast, cable is great.  When we pulled up to this campground, Nancy got out of the truck before I could say anything. It was cool this morning so she had put a sweatshirt on over her long jons for our walk. She took it off when she was taking down. She forgot and went in to sign up with only her long jon shirt on. I barked and tried to stop her, but she paid no attention. Oh, well, very little embarrasses her. When she came out, she looked at the sweatshirt, shrugged her shoulders, and laughed.

After setting up, Nancy ate a lunchable and we're sacked out for a little while. We're going to go to the store and fool around this afternoon. I don't think she plans to go into Santa Fe City until everyone else is here, but you never know.

Except that we'd never get home, this is the kind of traveling we like to do. We saw white-capped mountains on our easy hour drive. Very pleasant, and Nancy has learned to deal with the wind gusts while driving so we're more relaxed.

Susie is thinking of coming out, again on June 5. We found out that the GC is only about an hour and 1/2-two hours away (the skywalk) so we can leave the trailer in Las Vegas and make a day trip out of it AND Hoover Dam. Then, we can see the strip at night, and maybe Lake Meade the third day. I will be so happy to see her!! We will have so much fun, together.  More later...

Well, DUH, Nancy just went out to take some pictures and there was Erlene's Aliner. Any closer and it would have bitten us. She just had a visit with her, and we're going for a walk in a few minutes. (What do you mean I'd better behave, Nancy?)

I can't believe it. Bailey!! He reminded me so much of my Lizzie. He's black and about the same size and I couldn't help but kiss him and put my neck over his just like I used to do with Lizzie. He let me lick him, and didn't get mad.  He's such a calm good pup just like Lizzie was. He is so smart that he remembered Nancy from last year--I think he remembered me, too. We went for a walk and Nancy was not happy with my exuberance. I lost my cool when Erlene and Nancy were talking--I'm used to having Nancy to myself, now. We all went for a walk on the trail, together, then we went to the store--or did we do it the other way around. Erlene and Nancy had a glass of wine, together, at Erlene's site, and Nancy told me she really enjoyed Erlene's company. I was put in the trailer because Nancy said I was being annoying. When she came home, though, she took me on the trail, again, and she told me I was very good.  I think I was just so excited to see Bailey that I forgot myself.

Tomorrow, my other friends, Tucker and Teddy, arrive and we will all have such fun, together. It's just like the old days. They'll really like the trail. I'm very tired, tonight, so I'm going to bed early. Nancy asked about putting everyone next to one another, but didn't get much of a reaction from the lady.  Erlene got the job done, though. We'll all be right in a row!!

Oh, I almost forgot. I managed to get a picture of Edie and another one of April. Nancy is going to email the pictures to Roseanne.


  1. font is still really, really small, Nancy. Give our love to Princess, Luanne and the Canine Corps.

  2. Can you increase the size with Control Plus?

    I will certainly give them your greetings. I'm going to send you my sign in--will you see if you can fix it? It's probably one dumb little thing that I'm not doing. It changed on its own. Teresa said it was too big--I think it's really ugly when one line runs into another.

  3. Yes, control plus works. Missing you guys, wish we were there, too.


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