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Jul 28, 2014


The more time passes, the more I miss you.
I Love You.

Jul 26, 2014

Jack's Update, Laura, Michael, and Bogey

I had a lovely visit with my long-time friend, Martha from Indiana. When we see each other it's as though no time has passed. Where are the pictures you ask? Martha asked me not to post any--didn't take many, anyway. She loves to go antiquing so we did a little of that each day. I could only walk for a couple of minutes so when I hit my limit, I'd find a place to sit so she could take her time and wander. We went up to Dahlonega one day, a town I've written about before. Again, no pictures. Because of the dogs, we only went for a couple of hours during the day. I missed her when she left.

Susan's off this week so we took Jack in for a recheck of his kidney function (blood test/urinalysis), yesterday. I've been dragging my feet worrying about taking him. The vet called with the results this morning. I'll leave the medical mumbo jumbo out...he's stayed the same! Whew!

I was told I had a couple of options; ultrasound to see if tumors have grown in his kidneys or do what I'm doing, now--let him relax and enjoy his life and let him take walks as long as he wants to go (he always wants to go). Thank goodness for Susan who can take him for me. There's no sense, in my mind, in putting him through a bunch of tests when, at his age, I won't do anything about whatever they find. My vet and I are in agreement regarding quality of life. He has slowed down, my forever puppy, but he's happy and comfortable, and the joy in my life.

My main concern has been that he will have an emergency and I won't be able to get him in my truck to get him to the vet so I asked about the symptoms I might see if his condition worsens before November when he has his next check. I was told that he most likely won't want to be around me (so hard for me to envision)*, that he will show little appetite, and he may start to vomit. I dread that day so for now I choose to celebrate every moment I have with him. He's a big old teddy bear. His wish is my command.

(*When Lizzie became sick she let me know when it was time to let her go. She went into corners or other hiding places. The vet said it was instinct. She knew she was vulnerable so she was leading predators away from her pack (Jack, me, and Susan)). I still miss her so much.
When he sleeps, he sleeps, and leaves a dog's worth of hair wherever he sleeps. My couches have suffered from all the dogs who have slept on them, but that's okay. They are comfortable. Who better to enjoy them?
Jack always sleeps some part of the night right here.

And, Part of his time, here.

On another subject, my son Michael is up in Sag Harbor, New York enjoying time with Laura and her family. They've got a whole week to enjoy each other. 

They are visiting Laura's Sister, Angela. Laura has another sister, Maria, who is just as pretty as her sisters. What a great family.

And, look who's visiting Jack and me. He goes right for his toy box when he comes in.
Bogey--still a puppy. This was when Michael dropped him off.
Bogey's right at home. :) Sometimes, he falls asleep with a ball or his kong in his mouth.
Bogey, like most in the Weimaraner breed, likes to be close (touching) to his humans. He sleeps between me and the back of the couch and never moves a muscle all night. This is the first thing I see in the morning. Scary, huh? What a character.

Jul 10, 2014

Will You Marry Me?

Missy and Sam
July 8, 2014

Sam asked my son, John, for his daughter's hand in marriage. They are a beautiful couple--made for each other. Sam will be my first grand-son-inlaw.