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May 20, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 39?

Words can't describe the ride from Taos to Chama. Spectacular is close. On the road we took, we only saw some motorcyclists, in a group, at a rest stop and at the most three cars in three hours. It was only a 68 minute drive according to the GPS, but we stopped often to enjoy the views and lunch. We felt as though we were on top of the world. The air was so crisp and clear, and Nancy let me out to play in the snow. She couldn't take pictures because she was slipping and sliding--so was I. What fun. It was in the 40s and 50s, but it felt like 70.

Nancy was able to take some pictures since there didn't seem to be anyone else around. They just can't do it justice, however.
Aspens and snow:
I'm ready to play. First we have to eat.

Little Ranch Along the Way-Lucky Soul
Just enjoying my walk.
Not So Little Ranch Along the Way

Fishing for Princess, Wilson, and Deb

Snow for Me to Play In AND for Nancy to throw a snow ball at me. That was a surprise!
Birth of a River?

Valley Below. Couldn't get a good picture.

The RV Park is just as we remembered. Beautiful and the Chama River runs through it. There's more a feel of Colorado woods--no more Pinion Pine. The birds are incredible with their song. I wish you could all hear them, they're incredible.

The people at check in were so nice. They offered to take care of me if Nancy wanted to go on the railroad. I'm lounging on my blanket soaking it all in. Nancy is laughing because her whole bottom is wet. The chair was left out in the rain last night and she thought it was dry. It was like sponge just waiting for her behind.

Well, Nancy left me outside to listen to the birds while she went and took a shower. I didn't make any noise because I never want to leave this place. When Nancy came back, I introduced her to my new friend and neighbor, Bob. He really likes me. He and his wife live in Arizona and come to this park for 5 months every year. He's a very nice man as are all the men and ladies we've met. Everyone has offered their help if Nancy needs it. I think that's very nice.

We have taken several walks all around the park. Nancy took a lot of picture, but said she will only post a few here because it takes so long.

This bridge is not far from us. The river is not running as fast as it was the last time we were here, but Nancy said she thinks it was earlier in May.
I don't think you could live in Chama and not be a railroad buff. There's things like this all around the park. We can walk to town and to the railroad station or I think it's more of a place to maintain the engines.
The owners love dogs so they have a lot of dog walks. This is the one that's closest to us.
The owner must buy old buildings.
I have a thing for water and so does Nancy so we take a lot of pictures of it. I'm always disappointed when it's not moving in the picture!

Great to have a river running right through the campground. Bob told me that there are raccoons so I best not sleep outside. Nancy said, "Not to worry, he sleeps with me." Geez, does she have to embarrass me like that?
Not only that, there's railroad tracks--real ones--running through, too!
And a real train! I think someone got carried away. That's an old school bus that looks like the engine!
Here's our campsite.
And another water tower!

I think we're going to really enjoy this campground. Nancy thought about taking a ride up to Durango, but it's further away than she remembered and would be an all day LONG trip. If we go when we leave, here, we'll be going in the opposite direction from what we planned. We'll see as the week goes by. Right now, I'm just enjoying all the birds and squirrels and the beautiful weather--no wind!! No sand!!

We'll walk to the village, tomorrow, and see what there is to see. Right now, it's time to just relax, and Nancy's hungry so she's going to eat.

We went for a long walk after Nancy ate. She just checked the weather--it's going to be windy, tomorrow.  I don't care, I'm lovin' it, anyway. It's good that we had such a good day to drive.

Susie called to see how we are. A while back, she bought a beautiful (Big) purse. While she was standing in the mall waiting for a friend and talking to Nancy, she said people thought she was shop lifting. She said it loud enough for the two "plain clothesman" to hear and they disappeared. Too funny. It's almost dark and the birds are still chirping.


  1. So glad to hear the drive was spectacular and that you are both happy in Chama. I think we're all glad to be out of the New Mexican dust!

  2. Oh, I don't kinda grew on me, but there's nothing like the green mountains. Safe home.


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