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May 21, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 40?

We woke up pretty early this morning, and watched the rest of the movie that we started last night. Then, Nancy got on the Internet and found out that Michael and Keely are going to meet us in Portland!!  They arrive at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 17th and leave Thursday night! We are very excited. It looks like they will be staying with my cousin, Rob, for a couple of days. Uncle Paul had mentioned at one time that he wanted to see us in Portland, too, so it may be like old home week.

Nancy just said she's going to get up and eat, get dressed, and then we're going for a walk. The birds are chirping away. It looks like a beautiful day--no wind, yet. Just as we stepped out, we heard the train whistle-not a very good picture, but a historic one since it turned out to be opening ceremony, tomorrow.
We took a long walk through the park this morning. We wondered how many of Rich’s and Lizzie’s footsteps we’ve walked in. How we wish they were here. We remembered the dandelions.  For some reason, Chama is full of dandelions-fields of them.
They reminded Nancy of something she had read and never forgotten.
Hurrah for Dandelions
It occurs to me
that the official, honest-to-goddess
woman-bearing flower is most likely the dandelion, one fantastic creation what got piss poor press, and has yet to recover full flower status.

Howsomever and nonetheless, it goes on going on (to the chagrin of many)
painting grass with sunshine, making tea, salad, chains, wine and carrying wishes on the wind.

What else but a woman,
(or one dumb dandelion)
could withstand chemical warfare,
decapitation, widespread denigration,
being yanked out by its roots and other decidedly unfriendly acts-
not to mention the piss poor press-
and go right on blooming her fool head off?
--Copyright 1986 by JG Masters

Then, we walked to the village.  My how it has changed. It has sidewalks, now, and interesting little shops and cute little restaurants and cafes. Rich and Nancy said, when they were here, if it were closer they’d buy property because they thought it would be quite a place some day.  They weren’t sure whether that was good or bad.  They liked the "unimproved Chama", but they were sure that their secret place would not remain a secret for very long. They were right. At least they are not spoiling the charm with the expansion.
Colorful Victorian Style Bed and Bath

A Litte Chama History
Little Church Right in the Middle of Town

Part of the "Old" Chama

This gallery looked interesting, but Nancy's hip was bothering her so she'll go in another time. She said she thinks she's falling apart between her hip, back, neck, and the altitude!
Princess, Wilson, and Deb will get a kick out of this. Princess trimmed Nancy's hair while she was sitting on a picnic table in Taos.
Interesting Sign-You can click on pictures to enlarge.
Interesting Store. Nancy bought a book for $3.00
Caboose-Nancy's going to wait until the activity is over before spending a lot of time with the camera in the train yard. 

Train Station-Where the Opening Ceremony will be held
This is the train that you can barely see in the first picture, returning late this afternoon to the train station when we went back.
Just a picture of a steam engine in the yard.
When we were walking past the railroad yard (Nancy didn’t bring her camera), suddenly from way down the hill, someone called, “HEY, JACK!  TELL NANCY TO BRING YOU DOWN HERE.”

We were startled, we looked at each other, and then Nancy yelled back, “Who are you?”

The voice yelled, “I’M JACK’S NEIGHBOR!”  Nancy yelled back, “Who?” We were both totally confused at that point.

“BOB,” came the voice.  We all laughed and went down to the railroad tracks. Memories of childhood flooded Nancy’s brain.  The smell of the steam engines.  Judy, you’re younger, but you would remember.

It seems there’s a whole group of men and women who are “friends” of the Cumbres and Toltec. They say it’s a beautiful ride—much prettier than the Silverton ride. If the ride over was any indication of the places it passes, we could believe it.

Nancy’s going back with her camera, later. This is where the pictures probably should have gone, but I'm too tired to move them.

Nancy cleaned the camper, swiffered the floor and everything. Then she sat out and read for a while and asked me if I'd like to stay another week.  I love this place.  Of course I would.  She went down to the office. When she left I forgot myself and I barked. She came back really fast and I figured, "Ut oh, I'm really in for it." She held my snout and said, "No Bark." I HATE when she does that.  Then she put me inside the trailer until she got back which was only about 5 minutes. So, this is home for a while. She put her big patio mat out to try to keep the floors somewhat clean, and it sort of makes an outside living room. The chair is dry so she'll read for a good part of the afternoon. She said she'd take me with her to town, but leave me in the truck with the air conditioning on while she takes pictures. That's a fair deal. It's hard to hold my leash and take pictures at the same time. I'm a reasonable guy.

The train went by a little while ago. We weren't sure where it was going to come from because there are tracks on either side of the park. Nancy can't run as fast as she used to and I can't take pictures, so she'll have to wait for another day to get some good shots. Now, we'll know when we hear the whistle. Wow, are the pictures really in the wrong place!

We went into town.  Nancy left me in the truck with the air conditioning on. People kept saying how windy it was--they don't know what wind is around here. Anyway, Nancy scoped out some of the shops, but her hip was bothering her so she didn't stay too long. We went to get gas. Nancy had bought some fudge and it was delicious unlike the fudge in Angel Fire. I'll post some pictures in a few minutes, but Nancy heard from John, today. Lisa couldn't get on the blog, but then she could. I'm so glad someone is reading it. Coincidentally, when John called, Nancy was answering an email from Martha and Jim. Martha wasn't able to get on the blog either. Nancy explained how in an email back to her.

Last, but not least, the fridge is on the blink. Nancy's not sure, yet, whether it's just the indicator lights or the fridge, itself.  Tomorrow will tell when we wake up.

I thought that was last, but we found out, today, that tomorrow is the official opening of the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad. We couldn't figure out why so many people were around. The train we saw pass this morning must have been a trial run or just for VIPs. Well, I have to get off.  Nancy wants to post some pictures.


  1. Hey Jack, relax, folks are reading the blog, they just aren't leaving comments each time they read. Don't worry, Paul and I both read each post. I get notification each time a new post appears, so we don't miss any. Don't think I'd trust a knuckle head like you to take total care of Nancy, do you?

    We're very jealous of the great time you are having.

  2. Sounds like you found Utopia! Have fun! The photos are great. Keep them coming.


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