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May 28, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 47

Nancy’s beginning to think that she signed up to stay here for too long. She has the itch to go—but the holiday is upon us.

Nancy watched the Hornby Island Eagles this morning (Lisa told her about them). It was scary because the mother ws screaming and the baby didn’t look like it was moving.
She checked back later and either the Mother or the Father were feeding the chick, so everything is okay.

There’s something in the air that’s making Nancy cough and sneeze. She cleaned the trailer from top to bottom this morning. She’s very glad she brought along a vacuum and the swifter. I look like a sticker bush—these things drop off the trees and they stick to me, then I go inside and they drop all over the place, including bed! Oh, the humility…oh, no, she’s going to take a picture.

We laid around most of the day except for a couple of walks in the park. It was warm this morning, but it’s turning out to be a cool breezy day.

This morning, Miss Beverly, Boomer’s human, asked Nancy if Boomer and I could meet since I’m so docile. Nancy said, yes, but it would be better in a neutral place so we met in the road. Boomer seemed nice enough in the beginning—you know, we did what all dog’s do—sniffed and smelled. His tail was wagging so I thought he liked me, but then in a flash things went south. Nancy and Ms. Beverly pulled us away, quickly and Nancy got between us. I think Miss Beverly had tied the long end of Boomer's leash to a tree and held the short leash just in case. There's no way she could hold him because he's bigger than she is! He didn’t bite me, but he was scary. I don’t think he’s been around many other dogs, but I don’t know why he decided to get nasty. Nancy said, “All dogs can’t be as nice as you.” She feels lucky to have me. Boomer must be in big trouble because he hasn’t been out all day-at least I haven't seen him. Ms. Beverly told Nancy that Boomer doesn't like big dogs. Maybe he's afraid they'll hurt her so he is protecting her.  Any way, he's still my friend.

Nancy noticed that the lady next door was spinning yarn. What a coincidence, one of our best friends, Gail, took spinning up not long, ago. If Gail hadn’t explained it on her blog and on the phone, Nancy would have thought the lady was spinning steel wool. Gail said she had a Louette Spinning Wheel, so Nancy went over to talk to Jill a little while ago and it turns out that she has an S10 Louette, the same as Gail! She doesn’t quilt like Gail does, though.  Nancy called Gail to tell her about Jill spinning and Gail said she has the S10 Louette, as well. What a coincidence, huh? While on the phone with Gail, John called. Everybody is okay at their house—Lisa’s off for the summer (Yeah!) and the girls are all busy doing their thing, Nancy was telling him about the Eagles and Lisa said that her sister Kathy had called and said when she watched, she couldn’t see the baby chick. We’ll have to check back later.

We had to come inside because it started to thunder out. It looks like it’s coming our way so Nancy had to go out and put the chairs away. When Nancy got back in, the wind started to blow. It's too bad because we were going to take a "sunset" ride to see if we could get some good pictures. Maybe it will clear up by then.