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May 7, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 26?

I swear, it's like an alarm goes off in her head at 4:15. She was wide awake and disturbing my sleep, too. Actually, I went back while she played on the computer looking up this and that--mainly trails in New Mexico.

I'm feeling better. Nancy covered me up and checked on me through the night. She's been watching out the window to see if Wilson and Tucker are up, but hasn't seen them, yet.  Usually, Wilson and Tucker hit the trail for the first time around this hour. I think I'm supposed to stay quiet for a day or two.

I don't have much to say, yet, today. I hope the ladies behave a little better than yesterday, but ya never know. Nancy mentioned something about cleaning the trailer, doing wash, and getting propane, today. Oh, we also have to take a ride and find PetSmart.  I think Princess. Deb, and Wilson are looking for a trail. Erlene is tracking down a quilt art exhibit of some kind. Talk to you later.

We went to the greatest dog park--SO BIG! I played ball till my heart's content. Princess has a blog with more pictures than Nancy took:
Princess' Blog

Then we went to a field where the ladies had a picnic on a tarp--no matter how hard I tried to steal their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I couldn't do it though I did get one bite out of Nancy's.  The vet that I saw, yesterday, called to see how I'm feeling.  I thought that was nice of her.

We all have GPS. We were late starting out because Deb had left her camper door open by mistake and Nancy went to close it. THEY all forded a river. We NEVER SAW a river.

The ladies went out to eat in a place that Deb found when she was lost (Deb seems to be lost any time she is in a car). Everyone had Mexican except Nancy. She got a steak and it was tough and hard to cut. I waited in the truck while Nancy was in the restaurant. I don't mind staying in the trailer by myself if she just goes to shower or goes to one of the other ladies' trailers, but I won't stay when I see the keys in her hand.

When we got back, Nancy took me for a walk on the trail, and we were both pooped when we got back.

I went to bed and Nancy went over to join the others at Princess' RV. I could hear them cackling all the way over here. They were feeling each other's heads. Yup, you heard me right. Erlene, Deb, and Wilson have hard heads and Nancy and Princess have soft heads. They didn't seem to draw any conclusions from their little experiment, but they sounded like lunatics and I'll bet they "looked" even sillier.

Nancy went to the wrong RV thinking it was Princess's and said something silly and almost fell over when another woman came to the door.

I'm tired, tonight. There are other stories to tell, but I'm almost nodding off. Our last day is tomorrow, and it will be a work day (as today was supposed to be, but the weather was just too beautiful); laundry, dump, etc.

Oh, Wilson helped Nancy fix a few things on the camper, today, and she was nice enough to vacuum the blankets and sleeping bag as Nancy was too weak to do it.  They accused her of being "Tom Sawyer", but that wasn't the case. Wilson wanted to see how the vacuum worked.

The best news of the day is that Nancy made reservations in Boulder City for when Susie flies in on June 10.  I can't wait--I'm so excited. Other good news is that Susie was able to get the San Francisco ticket with her frequent flier miles.  Won't be long now before I see her.