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May 3, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 22

Well, you don't want to be around Nancy when you're not feeling good. I don't know what was wrong last night--I just didn't feel good. Maybe it was something I ate or the altitude. But, Nancy was panicked--looking up emergency vets, blubbering, wrapping me in the blankets, and asking me why I was drooling. Uh...Nancy, that's what dogs do--drool.

She finally decided maybe it was the heat so she turned it off. We both hate the electric heater out here--it's so dry already. It got cold during the night so she wrapped me some more. ::rolling eyes:: and put the furnace on as low as it would go and it came on. We have enough blankets on our bed for 10 humans, but she forgets that I also have fur which keeps me warm to begin with and she wraps me up like a burrito. I think it's because she feels I'm used to sleeping in a warm house.

We both feel lazy this morning. It's 7 a.m. and we've been awake for about an hour.  The thought of another shower in this place is  not making Nancy happy. Her stuff is ready to go, but she couldn't bear the thought of the cold--They must not turn the heat on in the restrooms until later in the morning

I'll probably write some more later, today. Oh, no, my paranoid human is calling a vet. She thinks my gums are dry.  Gee Whiz, I'm okay this morning.  She's probably going to ask whether it's okay to wrap me up like a buritto, again, tonight. GAWD. She says it's better to be safe than sorry, and that she'll just feel better if she has someone look at me.  She's been holding on the phone for 5 minutes, already.

Well, in the meantime, I forgot, last night, that I had pictures of Chelsea and April (I hope I have that right--I get April and Sarah (it is with an H) mixed up, sometimes.  Never been around so many pretty girls in my life, and they are all so nice to me.
Okay, first is Chelsea:

And, this is April (I hope). Nancy tried to get a picture of her when she first came in, yesterday, but she asked her if she'd wait until a little later.

(From Nancy and Jack)  Gail and Paul had to put their beloved German Shepherd, Nic, to sleep, today. We know that loss, but we also know that he will never hurt, again.  He'll be forever well and young--I bet Rich and Lizzie have already found him at the rainbow  bridge.  Sleep easy, Nic.  You will be missed. Our thoughts are with you, Gail and Paul.  You did what every responsible owner has an obligation to do.  Nic had a wonderful life and went very easily to rainbow bridge.)

Nancy took me to the greatest vet, today. She was young, pretty, and very thorough.  She thought my gums were a little tacky, too, as Nancy did so they gave me fluids sub-cutaneously. 

The vet said it was the first time anyone ever brought their dog in because they thought they might have altitude sickness because they did (Nancy has had a headache and is out of breath). She was amused, I think, but said Nancy was right, and not enough research has been done regarding dogs and altitude sickness.

I want to go for a walk--maybe if I try whining, constantly, I'll win. I did. ::smirk:: 

Nancy didn't get to see the little kids--she wanted to get me home, but she ran in to say goodbye to Roseanne. We got gas on the way back to the campground. She's filling the tanks, now so we can dump. We can't hook up until the morning because the camper is too close to the road in the campground.

Tomorrow, we're on our way to Santa Fe and will meet everyone on Wednesday. The one thing we've noticed here in Albuquerque is that everything is 25 miles away. Diesel prices are going up, daily. Let's hope they don't go as high as last year or our trip will be cut short.

I've made the print larger in this post.  Google glitched a while back and the print has never been the same, but let me know in comments if it's any better.

I almost forgot, Nancy got the form for the DMV notorized and mailed it out.  The post office  was a cute little building on a back road so we did a little exploring.