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Jun 29, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 79?

We've been laying low for a few days. Today, Nancy thinks her neck is taking a turn for the better. I have tried to be very good. I don't pull her at all when she walks me, and I am very quiet in the trailer.
I just want her to get better. Maybe it's a good thing we got stuck in this park.

I am bored though, and wish I could go out and play ball.

Well, if I can't go out, maybe I could have a cookie.
Thanks, that was a really special treat.

We won't continue our travels until the day after, tomorrow, when we will take Paul and Betty to lunch and see where the airport is so we can pick Susan up on Friday. Yippee!!!

Nancy said, if she's feeling really good, tomorrow, we'll go down and walk by the docks in Sausilito. I will love that.


  1. Aunt Nancy,sorry to hear you are under the weather. I had picked up this herbal neck warmer that you can use for cold or hot therapy for your neck. I has all kinds of herbs and other stuff in it. I keep one handy, all you do is put it inthe microwave for 3 min and it rest around your neck and shoulder like a shawl. I had bought it in one of those free standing kisok in the mall. I works great. Just a thought to help with your neck pain. Hope you are feeling better. Love KAren

  2. I tried to find one, Karen, but I don't know my way around this place so I settled for a heating pad. I started feeling better, today--at least could lift my head off the pillow, and I'm hoping one more night of rest will do it. I really appreciate your concern and if I see one of the herbal neck warmers I'll pick one up to ward off evil spirits. Hope you and John and the kids are doing well. I love you. - Aunt Nancy


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