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Jun 20, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 69?

At first the day didn't look promising. Nancy felt sicker than she felt, yesterday. Time is growing short, however, and she knew if she didn't get to see Aunt Dorothy, today, she might not see her at all. She got up and went over to take a shower hoping that that would make her feel better. Then, she took me for a walk by the river. Then, we drove to Aunt Dorothy's. Aunt Dorothy thought maybe it was the altitude that was bothering Nancy and a light went on. Yes, maybe that was it along with a 24 hour bug. Nancy suggested that she and I stay in the yard and sit and talk with Aunt Dorothy so she wouldn't pass along anything to her. They did for a while and then went to lunch at iHop. Yup, I waited in the truck. As the day went on, Nancy felt better, and she's hoping that tomorrow morning will be better as we need to get out of here early. They called Aunt Marilyn, but she wasn't home. They were disappointed because they wanted to have some fun with her. Dorothy and Nancy were carrying on a conversation on Marilyn's answering machine. Aunt Marilyn called back and they had some fun on the phone. Nancy was hoping she could fly out, but she had Leo and his family coming into town. Aunt Marilyn and Nancy are going to go up to Cherokee when we get home.

My friend, Tahoe, looked good. She was quiet and Aunt Dorothy was determined that she should eat. Tahoe did not want to eat. So, Aunt Dorothy fixed a bowl of Butter Pecan Ice Cream (Tahoe's favorite), but Tahoe didn't want that either. That has Aunt Dorothy worried. She made up for it by putting cookies out for me and was happy that I had an appetite. She wanted to give me ice cream, but Nancy said no. Geez.

Nancy played ball in the yard with me, today, so that I would get my exercise. My leg didn't bother me. Maybe it was just a burr or sticker last night.

My cousins, Elaine and Jay came over and they all went out for dinner after sitting around and chatting for a while. It had turned chilly enough for Nancy to wear a sweatshirt. They went to an Italian Restaurant (Olive Garden) and enjoyed the evening. Of course, I had to wait in the car. To tell you the truth, I was tired. We got up so early this morning and I was going all day. Aunt Dorothy says I'm Nancy's boss. She says she's never known another dog that could tell someone what they want the way I do. I agree that Nancy pretty much always knows what I want and need, but trust me I am not the boss.

Nancy took a lot of pictures. She finds it hard to believe that Aunt Dorothy is almost 20 years older than she is, but looks 20 years younger. Well, some people have all the luck. Isn't Tahoe, cute? I'm glad the surgery is behind her.

Elaine and Jay

After getting up so early, running around, and then waiting in the car, we got home and Nancy took me for a walk down by the river. I was tired. It didn't take me 2 minutes to fall asleep.


  1. Nice photos of the family! I know they are glad you made the visit. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  2. By the way, enjoy the cool weather. It's in the nineties here. Hot and humid. Yuk!!!

  3. Did feel better, today, Barbara. I heard how hot it is back there. I feel guilty telling you what a nice breeze there is, tonight.


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