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Jun 2, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 52

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Well, it’s been quite a day. We decided to head for Durango CO. Everyone was so nice and friendly when we left. Ms. Linda, Ms. Beverly, Ms. Yolanda, and Mr. Don all came down to help. We were also able to say good bye to Pat.  Nancy knew when she pulled into the site that it was going to be a devil of a time to get out because of two trees on the right hand side of our site, a rock, and another camper’s canopy right across the narrow interior road. She realized even more when she backed the truck into the site last night. She hooked up on the first try, though!!

With the help of everyone, we got out, but Nancy was to be chastised by the man in the straw hat for coming out the wrong way. He was lucky that Nancy held her tongue (actually, I was surprised that she did). She’s sorry she already wrote the review because she would have written that this guy needs an attitude adjustment. We were lucky to get out at all—they shouldn’t put any RV in that spot until they cut down a tree or move a rock. Nancy thought he was stopping her at the exit to say good-bye because everyone else had been so pleasant and helpful.  NOT. He was stopping her to collect her pink tag so we don’t sneak back in sometime in the future. (laughing)

The ride over was very pretty and very pleasant. We couldn't get pictures because the road was hilly and curvy, and in  many places had no shoulder. There were no pullovers, either.  Nancy thought how she must have driven poor Rich crazy with the camera. At least he seemed to enjoy the videos once we were home, though I think I heard the word "draining" every now and then.

Nancy called to get the address so she could put it in her GPS. Well, that was a joke, and when she signed in, the woman said "Oh, GPS can't find us". You would think she would have told her that over the phone.  She had the feeling that she wasn’t going the right way and very conscious that she didn’t want to wind up on 550 going north to Silverton.  In the middle of nowhere, the GPS announced that she had arrived at Alpen Rose. I won't tell you what Nancy called the man on the GPS. We climbed the mother of all mountains, but the truck did fine though it was scary looking down into a valley. The engine light was on all the way over, but when she stopped the engine and started it, again, it was no longer on.

We passed Chimney Rock—we had passed it many times with Rich. We have many pictures of it at home.

Pulling up to the campground was a little emotional, but at least we're not parked out in the open lot with the big buses. Nancy has a picture right at this spot as Rich came out after registering.
At the Entrance. The field where Rich used to play ball with me is enclosd, now. Nancy and I have already walked it twice. There are so many gopher holes or some kind of holes that she said it wouldn't be good to throw the ball for me because I could break a leg.
Gliders Across the Street--we used to love to watch them get pulled up.
The views aren't fatastic right at the campground, but just a few miles up the road toward Silverton, they are incredible. It's good I'm leaving on Friday as it's tempting to take the ride up there.
Wilson, you were wrong. The “closet” was not as secure as you thought—what a mess when I opened the bathroom door. And, the TV antenna thingy on the ceiling fell off and Nancy can't find the spring that goes inside of it.

Nancy was starving when we got here so as soon as she unhooked, we went into town to get something to eat and to stop in a store that Susie always liked. Then, we drove down a residential street. There's a church on every corner and Nancy and Rich had a "Durango Dream House" on this street--it's for sale by owner, now. 

I wonder if he would have been tempted.

Church on the fly...
We passed a Walmart and a Bed 'n' Bath on the way into town so she's hoping to get a memory foam mattress for her bed. Michael called, today, and he and Keely are going to stay in the trailer after Susie leaves. He's more interested in seeing the Columbia River Gorge Drive than he is in seeing Portland, and he'd like to camp on the coast. So, after we drop Susie off at the airport, we'll head over there.  Nancy will have to do some serious re-arranging in this camper so we have a place for two extra people to sleep comfortably. Nancy said she can put stuff outside in bins and tarp it or maybe it can be organized to fit up on the bunk bed, if necessary. Keely wants to go horse back riding. I hope that the waves are good on the river in Hood River. I'll be anxious to see them. Nancy spoke to Michael, again, and he may pack his tent. That way, I could put the stuff on the bed in the tent and he could have the queen bed.

I'm having trouble uploading pictures so I'll come back later and add them.

Nancy has been moaning and groaning about the cable TV not working.  (Light Bulb Moment)-It's fine to hook it up inside from the table to the cable thingy, but you have to hook it up from the pole to the camper, too! DOH