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Jun 10, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 59

Again, this will be a short blog. We are exhausted. The ride from Kingman to Boulder City was a difficult drive with big gusts of winds coming out of the passes. There is also all kinds of construction; sometimes the speed limit is as low as 5 mph. Very tight lanes--Nancy's shoulders were actually tired from holding the wheel and it wasn't supposed to be a long drive. Turned out to be hours. We were stopped at the dam and Nancy had to get out. They searched the truck, the compartments in the trailer and inside the trailer before they let her continue. We both thought that's a good thing--good to see security. The dam was crawling with people--I think because they have resumed tours. It is a magnificent sight--especially with the rugged mountains surrounding it. I'm sure we'll be able to get pictures once Susie is with us when we go back without the trailer.

The good news is that we think Susie will like this "resort". It's only about 7 miles from Hoover Dam and maybe 15 from Las Vegas. While we prefer something more rustic, this place is convenient, it's a cement pad which cuts down on dirt and is very level although we're rocking and rolling, again. We were listening to the radio and they said that El Nino is responsible for the excessive winds this year. I was not looking forward to the drive up, and I suspect the worst is yet to come between Las Vegas and Reno. Nancy will be glad to get that drive under her belt.

Not much more to say. There's an old town Boulder City so we'll have more pictures in the next few days. We met the people who operate this place, Ben and Judy-husband and wife, and they are a really nice couple.

We took a dry run to the airport--the wrong airport. Susan thought it was Las Vegas Airport so that's what we told the Garmin. Well, the international airport is McCarren. The traffic is horrific and I swear, I think there is construction on every road in this city, and detour after detour. Well, I didn't have any luck uploading the few pictures taken, today. More to come, tomorrow.
These two pictures are from the campground in Kingman.

From our site, we can see just a tad of Lake Mead. This is a good campground for Susan--Pool, Spa, Cement Pads--it's like a resort. More importantly, it's close to everything we want to do, but quiet. Thank you to Princess for helping Nancy choose it. The scenery isn't so hot from this site, but that's because Nancy chose to be close to wifi. She and I are sitting outside this morning. There's a very pleasant breeze and shade on the door side of the camper.
You really can't get a good idea of just how rugged the mountains are until you're down near the dam. Those pictures should be good since I can pull over, with Susan in the car, and take pictures.

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