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Jun 23, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 73?

We woke pretty early this morning. We lay around in bed watching the news, and then Nancy went to take her shower. When she got back, we went for a walk. We wanted to see where the ferry is. We met some nice people along the way, and guess what? We saw San Quentin. My brother Michael had told us in an email that it was close by. What a view they have. It’s right on the bay.

While we may not be able to walk in the city, there’s a neat Bay Trail that we can go on every morning Nancy said. The smell of salt water is wonderful. The ferry was just leaving when we got to the terminal. It’s about a 10-minute walk, but the trail continues on.

Even though we’re in very urban surroundings, the water makes everything exciting and different. Nancy is wondering if she can rent a bike—there are lots of people on bikes out here.

We didn’t want to come back from our walk, but Nancy thought I should take it a little easy, today, and Uncle Paul is on his way, here. We are looking forward to seeing him.

Nancy is going to look at her book of parks – maybe there is one that’s half way between his house and the park where we can meet. She's going to his house, tomorrow, and she's anxious to see the scenery along the way.  Or, maybe there’s a trail that we can all walk. We’ll see. Nancy has to put the coordinates of the park in her GPS so that she’ll be able to find us.

This place is like a little neighborhood. Charlie said hello to us this morning from his window—it reminds Nancy of the old apartments where the women hung clothes on clothes lines and talked to each other over alley ways—and yelled at each other’s kids when necessary, and even when it wasn’t necessary. They were always ready and willing to give each other a hand. The lady next door came over to pet me and say good morning. The lady in the office asked if we had slept well last night. There’s something to be said about living in a small space with simple things. It gets rid of a lot of “junk” in your life. Well, that’s the morning so far.
This is our humble abode.
This is Charlie's Garden:

Suzanne's home:

The hill across the street. It was covered in fog early this morning.

We didn’t take a picture on our walk this morning, but we’ll take some of Paul when he gets here. And, Nancy said when we’re on our walk, tomorrow; she’s going to take a picture of San Quentin.

When Uncle Paul came, he brought Nancy flowers and wine and some Danish which they didn’t eat because they went out to lunch. Nancy says he's a handsome devil. See for yourself.
They gabbed for a long time, and then he had to go so that he can beat the traffic, which is horrendous around here. This is a very confusing place to get around. Nancy went to the drug store (thank goodness for GPS). She entered coordinates for her spot at the RV place so she could get back without any problems. It worked like a charm.

Michael, Uncle Paul said Manson isn’t in San Quentin any more. The weather here is in the high 60s and sunny. It’s just beautiful. Great walking weather.

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