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Jun 7, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 57

Another day in Arizona. ::groan:: The forecast for the day is 88/47--not as bad as yesterday, but it was already getting hot at 6:00 a.m. In Durango it's 74/54. Oh, how we miss Durango.

We're trapped! Maybe we'll go for a ride in the truck, later. Nancy said there has got to be a lake or something around here.

Nancy thought it would be a good idea to get out early so we found a place where we could play ball at 7 a.m. It hasn't gotten hot, yet, so we had a good time. It still made me pant, though. Some man came along and said to Nancy, "That's a mighty fine looking dog, you have there." Nancy agreed, of course. I showed off a little for him by catching the ball and running as fast as I could. He said he has a little 10 pound foo foo dog, not a REAL dog like me.

Mr. Moron, the owner, even has signs in the dog walk. He has a little toy hydrant that is labeled "dog urinal" (haha). Then he has a little bit of gravel next to it with a sign and an arrow pointing to the gravel that says something like, "Pea Pee Gravel". (haha, again). Nancy is going to take her camera around later and take pictures of his ridiculous signs. She says she remembers laughing with Rich about them. She's going to save his list of rules. There's at least 25 of them.

What a turn this blog has taken, huh? Well, don't worry. Nancy says as soon as we get over toward the coast, it will change.

No, Nancy, I'm not posing for another picture.

Shortly after Nancy was "playing" with her camera, she said, "C'mon, let's go for a ride in the truck." She took me to one of my favorite places--PETCO! I love the smells in that store and she let me shop for balls on the toy aisle, then bought me a bone stuffed with something that tasted very good. She said, "As long as we're here, I might as well get a small bag of your food and some treats."

When we got back to the truck, we didn't head back to the campground. Nancy said, "We're going to Sedona." It really isn't very hot out. 80s here is quite comfortable and the wind has picked up.

Rich, Nancy, and Lizzie had been to Sedona before. It's very pretty, but very touristy. We drove through, but couldn't take any pictures. We took a few in Oak Creek Canyon which is a nearby town--I think that's the name. Then, we went to walk in Red Rock State Park. No water, but we played ball. Driving, we went by Slide Rock. Rich, Nancy, and Lizzie got a kick out of that place. It's like a natural amusement park. Kids (and adults) have a great time sliding down the rocks. We couldn't find the place to park. Nancy didn't remember the road being so steep and curvy. We pulled into one scenic overlook, but couldn't find a place to park--that's the Sedona area. Many people vacation there. Michael said, on the phone, today, that he may win a trip to a spa there. Well, he has plenty to pick from.

Nancy has the truck backed in ready to hook up--she's getting pretty good. She's dead center. She's done it on the first try several times in a row, now. We're headed for Kingman, tomorrow, another big train town. Flagstaff is really all about Route 66 which never particularly interested, Nancy. There are still the old motels and the road has a great following. She wanted to go to the beautiful train station, but there was construction so she couldn't get near it. There was also a lot of road construction in Sedona which made the traffic seem worse than last time.

I hope the pictures will download faster than they have been. Nancy took quite a few, but this will give you an idea about the scenery.

The wind has really picked up. If it's in the high 80s, it doesn't feel hot. Because of the time change, it feels later than it is. Only three more days until I see Susie! Nancy is on the phone with Princess, and they are laughing as usual.

I'm bushed. See you tomorrow.


  1. Great Pix !!! I'm not that fond of desert type areas, but the colors in the buttes and canyons are incredible.

  2. Good gravy, you're fast. I just went back to make a correction. I'm with you--give me the green mountains.

  3. Jack, you lucky dog! Nancy took you shopping, and I know how you love to shop. Make sure you thank Nancy and let her sleep in a bit on her new mattress. While you are at it, thank her for sending that book to me.....I'm laughing already at just the title!


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