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Jun 3, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 53

Well, today started out great. Nancy got up to use the bathroom and flushed and it made a terrible sound in the wall, then, no water. There are no leaks inside or out and the plumbing looks fine. This would happen when we don't have time to get it fixed. Have to be in Las Vegas on the 9th. This may be an ugly day.

Nancy was hoping to be able to stay until Saturday so that we could walk in town, she could get the wash done, and we could get the foam mattress, and then we'd have to put in some long days to get to Vegas.

Well, Nancy's been running in and out, looking inside the wall, changing spigots, changing regulators--problem solved. It was the pressure regulator. Fortunately, she had an extra in her tool box and changed it out. Whew. Three hours wasted.

Okay, so we first took a walk/run in the field where Rich used to throw balls to me. Then, Nancy went to get a memory foam mattress for the bed--oh, what a difference. We stopped and ate lunch and then went to an RV place to get a replacement spring for the antenna so that we can fix that. We got back,walked in the door and found the spring Nancy looked an hour for. Question for Wilson. What are those little wrenches called to tighten the screw? Nancy says she knows she has them--she put them somewhere where she won't lose them. We had to get some water and other supplies. We came back to the trailer, I got another chance to run in the field, and then Nancy said, "C'mon, Jack we're going to Silverton." She hurt her back lifting the water container over the back of the truck--she never learns--lower the tail gate! The tension of the ride probably didn't help. Nancy said she had forgotten just how beautiful the mountains, are. It was a nerve wracking ride up, but we made it! It was 80 degrees when we left and 61 when we ended our ride. We walked around Silverton--Nancy must have taken a couple of hundred pictures. It's going to be hard to pick just a few, and uploading here is s.l.o.w. We're back on our comfy mattress. No laundry, tonight. We're thinking of going to Lemon Reservoir early tomorrow morning--remember, Susie, that's where Lizzie beat me in the water. Ah, we miss her, too. Then, we're going to do laundry.

The mountains are starting to get serious after about 20 miles.

Well, we'll see how many pictures we can upload. Maybe just a smattering to let you get an idea of what the ride was like.
There are quite a few alley ways in Silverton. Sorry pictures are no anywhere near in order--just too tired.
This is a little courtyard/cafe in Silverton--I was allowed, but they had closed for the day.
It's hard to see because of the size, but this is the approach to Silverton--like coming down in an airplane. Nancy's got better pictures of this at home.
Some buildings are purple, some orange--this is one Nancy didn't remember--might have been a different color when she saw it.

This is the Lime Burn.

I was allowed in the lady's room. It's in the middle of town.
The roads are hair pins and steep. We had just turned the hairpin when Nancy took this picture.

This is just an interesting sort of courtyard. The picture of the jail did not come out, but Nancy has one at home.
Molas Lake and Campground.
Street in Silverton.

Waterfall--one of many.

Another view of the courtyard.

Last, but not least--the field we played in every year.
What, I'm not doing nothin'.
There's so much more to tell about this day, but Nancy's already asleep and my eyes are closing. Between the pace of the day and our new comfy matress, well it's just a losing battle to try to stay awake. More, tomorrow.


  1. I am so jealous. What a beautiful area. SIGH
    Nancy,I think they are hex wrenches you need?
    So glad you figured out the water problem. You are amazing! Jack is having fun.

  2. Wonderful pictures, I think I'd like to walk those streets in Silverton, but I don't think I'd like the drive, so much.


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