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Jun 18, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 67

We left Hawthorne fairly early this morning. Nancy took me for a quick walk before we left, but she was still nervous about the dogs that were roaming around. The heat came on during the night. Nancy had heard on the news that they expected it to be in the high 20s or low 30s. It felt great!

We weren't five minutes out of the town when we came across a very pretty lake. I think the name of it was Walker Lake. We had to go up and down the mountains and the wind was blowing so Nancy was glad we stopped for the night--she would have been too tired to come into Reno last night.

When we got to the campground, Nancy registered and we went to the spot they assigned us. It was just barely big enough for the trailer. She unhooked so she wasn't blocking the road and went back to the office to ask where she was supposed to put the truck. The man was very nice. He asked if we had already unhooked and Nancy said, yes. He said he would have put us in a bigger spot, and asked the lady why she did what she did. Nancy told him it was okay as long as we had a place to park the truck. He gave us another site for the truck across the road. Nancy figured we probably won't spend much time, here, so it doesn't matter much. We came back to the site and when she went to hook up the water, there was no water so back to the office we went. They sent a man named John down to check it and it turned out that a permanent resident had lived on this spot and they were using a different spigot. He was very nice and offered to repair the electrical plug (she has it temporarily fixed with duct tape) if she gets a new head to it.

Looking around when we went for a walk, this is really a trailer park--we're right in the middle of the city with big planes flying low right over our heads. The RV park is right on the Truckee River and there's a nice place to walk down there. The only thing is that there are a lot of homeless people down there, too, so Nancy is careful to stay away from the wooded areas. She has protection on her at all times. The river is pretty. I remember when Rich used to walk Lizzie and me there all the time. Nancy has taken me twice so far.

Once we were settled in, we went to Aunt Dorothy's. She looks the same as she did 6 years ago. I swear, the woman never ages. She has a new pup named Tahoe. She is sweet, but very shy. Aunt Dorothy was surprised that she warmed up to Nancy as quickly as she did. At first I tried to ignore her, but she is so sweet. I was going in and picking toys out of a basket--Aunt Dorothy's house is neat for dogs. I got in trouble, after a while, because I wanted to put my neck over her back like I used to do with Lizzie--her color reminded me of her. Nancy was afraid she wouldn't like it and that we would get in a disagreement. I know better than that.

My cousin, Elaine, came over and they went to dinner while I stayed in the truck. Then, they suggested Walmart for an oil change. They didn't have a new filter in stock but said we didn't need it. Nancy got new windshield wipers. They said she has a small leak or seepage, but one man said not to worry about it--Nancy thinks maybe they say that in case they do something wrong. She spent 1700 dollars on the truck before leaving Atlanta and more in Albuquerque for the breaks, filter, and oil change. She said maybe when she gets to California she'll find a Dodge dealer and rent a car while they check things out.

Tahoe is going to the hospital in the morning to get spayed. She doesn't know it, and they think she's going to be very nervous.

Tomorrow, Nancy will get a haircut. Aunt Dorothy suggests Walmart for that, too. She looks pretty shaggy, so they can't do that much damage.

No pictures, today. I just asked Nancy why and she said she didn't even think about it. We have a few days and will get pictures of everyone. For now, though, we're both going to hit the sack. Excuse any typos--too tired to proof.

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