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Jun 8, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 58?

I think the time zone change is finally catching up to us. Nancy and I found ourselves wide awake at 1:15 a.m. this morning--staring at each other as if we were up for the day. Nancy decided to take a couple of benedryl and we went back to sleep. She woke, suddenly, disoriented as to what time it was. It was 9:14 so she hooked up, and then came in and ate breakfast. She won't do that, again, because she was drowsy while driving here, to Kingman.

The terrain changed quite a bit since leaving Flagstaff. There are rugged mountains ahead of us. Nancy said the mountains heading from Las Vegas to Reno after crossing the dam are really rugged. Susan wants to see the dam, so we'll be able to see them, then.

She chose a park that is right off the interstate so she doesn't have to unhook. We can sleep in a little in the morning before taking off for Boulder City. We're getting excited about see Susan.

We were outside for a while. I was trying to find shade under the trailer and Nancy was reading. It's hot, but it's breezy, and it is dry.

There probably won't be many pictures, today. Just some of the flowers and me, of course.

I forgot to tell you that last night, Nancy decided she wasn't picking up the clothes rod and clothes, again. So, she rearranged things and put her pants in a bin (I don't know where she thought she was going to fit two bins). She left the shirts hanging, but alas, we arrived with them on the floor. Okay, if that's how you feel about it, she grumbled, I'll fold the shirts, too, so now they are in the bin. She pulled the shower curtain over and yelled, "So be a tub, you stupid thing." Then laughed. Do you think she's been on the road too long?

Okay, the pictures. Miss Teresa, I don't have many labels because they're mostly showers (make that flowers) and you know who I am. Here they are. Unless something exciting happens, today, this will be a short blog. We have no neighbor on one side, so we got to have a desert garden!

Nancy had this labeled "yellow flower". Do you suppose the heat is getting to her?
I'll explain this a little. There was one lone dandelion and Nancy was determined to get a picture of the poor thing, but the wind was blowing. "Stand still," said Nancy, but it continued to go in and out of focus. So, she took matters into her own hands. I hope she doesn't plan to become a professional photographer. Yes, that's her hand.

So I was bored and I barked, what's the big deal?

Nancy just took me to play ball for a while--they have a fenced, actually two fenced, areas. We didn't play too long because she doesn't want me to get sun stroke. We came back and she gave me a bottle of cold water---hmmm, good. Now, we're going to rest until evening when it gets cool. She's going to read her book and I'm going to nap.


  1. Those are GREAT pix...hand and all. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get a great flower picture. I always appreciate a flower picture.

  2. you like your haircut?

    and Lady T is right, the flowers are lovely!

  3. Why, thank you, Lady T. We were amazed to find these jewels in a backdrop of "grey". Nancy

    Princess Anonymous, Nancy needs a haircut so badly that she can't stand it. She said she'll fly you out and provide the scissors. We slept almost all afternoon. Susan's call woke us. Prevost Princess was sawing the zzzz's two minutes after opening her book.

  4. I love the flower shots!!! Really pretty. By the way, how many books have you read so far? I bet a lot! Enjoy your visit with Susan!

  5. Hmmm, fly me out AND have scissors. Real scissors, not kitchen scissors???

    I'll feel like the beautician to the stars!! Better even than the QUEEN OF THE ROAD, she just went to expensive places, didn't bring in her own artiste!

  6. Hi Jack and Nancy,

    You're blog is outstanding. I really have enjoyed reading about your adventures. I plan to take a similar trip myself next year. I hope that I have another opportunity to camp with you guys. Hope to see you in October. Reileigh can't wait to chase tennis balls and swim with you Jack. Take care,best- Diane& Reileigh

  7. Hi, Diane! Glad you're reading. When you decide to go, Nancy can tell you the places to avoid and the best places to go. I'll tell Reileigh where the best places to swim are--so far it's Lemon Reservoir in Colorado.

    I sure hope Reileigh and I can get together to play and swim. I love to travel and Nancy tells me I'm the best travellin' dog, ever!

    So good to hear from you.


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