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Jun 26, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 76?

Nancy and I set out, this morning, to find the ferry on Sausalito Island. We found it and were there an hour and a half before Paul and Betty which was good because we got to see another part of the town that we didn't see before. These are just random shots as we walked around waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Flowers are visible all over the village.
Sidewalk Garden
We tried to get a picture of the bridge and city, but it was too foggy. Here's our best effort:

When Paul and Betty landed, we sat and talked for a little while (Nancy had a confrontation with a man and his pit bull, but she was in the right). You know, I can't remember whether this happened before or after lunch. I'm trying to hurry here.

We were lucky to get a parking space right at the ferry and we found a bench right at the end of the ramp after we finished some exploring. It was very pleasant weather, so waiting was delightful. We saw Paul and Betty as soon as they got off. They were pretty much on time--11:10 a.m. Then, it was time for me to wait in the truck. :-( I put up a fuss for a few minutes, but then I lay down and went to sleep. I really wanted to go to lunch with them.

Betty is a lovely person--Nancy said she liked her the moment she met her. I liked her, too, because she let me know that she liked me. She gets a kick out of Uncle Paul's sense of humor.

Paul took us to lunch (Nancy had eggs benedict (brunch)). Their meals weren't so great, but Nancy's was very good. They topped it off with apple pie. Nancy had hers a'la mode. Delicious. They all sat and chatted until 1:30 in the restaurant, and then headed back to the ferry. Nancy got me out of the truck so I could spend time with everyone.

Before we knew it, the ferry was at the dock to pick them up. Nancy said she's going to take them both out to lunch one day next week as she'd like to see them, again. She'll drive to Fremont to pick them up.

After leaving Sausalito, Nancy decided to try to find Muir Woods, again. She came away feeling that she's seen much prettier places and without so many people!! On the way up, she tried to get a picture of Sausalito, below, but again, the pix didn't turn out too well. You might be able to see just a little of the landscape.
I'm  going to say goodnight, now so Nancy can rest. She really needs a heating pad, but doesn't have the energy to find a drug store. Do you think anyone would notice if I drove?