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Jun 13, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 63?

Today was a busy, but exciting day. We decided to go to the skywalk since Susie has never seen the Grand Canyon. We drove through A LOT of ugly country to get there, and a very long, bumpy, dirt road. When we got there, we didn't see the canyon, we saw buses, helicopters, and planes that gave tours. Susie paid $75.00 to go on the skywalk--not really a rip off from the standpoint that one rarely gets to go to the Grand Canyon. Nancy got annoyed because the guy who was telling us to park said, "You can board your dog." She said, "I don't board my dog." Susie said he was just being nice, and I would agree if he just said it once, but he said it twice, and that made Nancy mad. Anyway, off Susan went. While she was gone, Nancy had a couple of more disputes with the morons that work there, but we'll keep it pleasant, here. The weather has not been too hot, really, so it was pleasant watching the planes and the helicopters. They take pictures of people on the skywalk and Susie had the cutest picture taken. I hope she frames it and puts it in her house. She was telling us that everyone has to wear special shoes on the skywalk so it doesn't get scratched, and there are no cameras allowed. We had to cross the dam (every time we do, Nancy has to get out and open the back of the truck to let them inspect). Today, the inspector found one of the post office boxes that Nancy found left along side of the road where we live, and he commented about it. Nancy said she found it and put it to good use--he was a nice guy and they talked about trucks for a minute, and then we were allowed to go through. That was on the way back, the inspector going the other way was a mute.

Nancy still hasn't gotten a hair cut and it's driving her nuts. The truck needs an oil change--last one was in Albuquerque and Nancy wants to get it before driving to Aunt Dorothy's. She hates to go to one of the quickie joints, but if there's a Dodge dealer, it means hours of waiting, and she wants to get an early start on the drive north.

Susie took all the pictures today, except for the flower and the goats, oh, and the helicopter. The goats were a surprise. Nancy almost missed them. It's amazing how they can stand on a cliff that goes almost straight up and down.
The pictures may be a little out of order, but here they are. This bridge is in progress--we assume to avoid the traffic on the dam which is awful.
In this picture, you can see the traffic. It was backed up for miles.
Rugged cliffs surround the dam.

The structure of the dam, and the size is amazing.

This was actually the color of the water from this angle.
I don't think I'd want to be in a boat that was as close to the dam as these boats.

We saw a lot of these desert flowers on the road to the skywalk. Susie said they are petunias imported from Georgia.
Nancy took a picture of this helicopter. There were so many of them ferrying people over the canyon--seemed like they got about 20 minutes for $125. per person.
And, the surprise for the day was when Nancy spotted the mountain goats!

You can see what I mean about Nancy's hair! She doesn't get tan, she gets orange. Don't tell her I said that.

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