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Jun 1, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 51

I never got back to write anything, yesterday. The Internet was down in the park, and Nancy doesn't want to use the monthly allowance on her Verizon card.

It was a quiet day. We slept in late. Then, Nancy made the dip and chips and went down to the BBQ, which was very nice. Mr. Don was nice enough to invite her to sit with he and Yolanda. Everyone was very friendly. I waited on the couch for her to come back.

The sink is so small that it's a pain to do dishes. She almost decided to give all of them away and just use throw away if she ever needs to make something, again. Ms. Yolanda was nice enough to wash the big bowl and chip dish for her in her big sink in her big bus. She decided to wait to see if one of her WAC friends would like to have them. It's the craziest thing--she can walk and bend all day long, but standing at a sink even for a few minutes kills her back. It's just starting to become light, here, so I'm going to try to get some more sleep. We woke up and decided to check the Eagle. He's okay, but it's pouring rain on Hornby Island.

Well, Nancy finally made a decision. We're on our way to Durango, tomorrow. We're sorry, in a way, to leave Rio Chama--there are so many nice people, here. Our neighbors, Mr. Hank and Ms. Linda are great people--Linda is the lady that spins like Ms. Gail. I think I called her Jill, before--well, you know Nancy and names. Ms. Beverly, Boomer's Mom, has been awfully nice. Then, there's Mr. Don and Ms. Yolanda. Ms. Yolanda made Nancy a candy apple, today! She ate half before we took our ride and I know she'll polish it off, tonight. I can't forget to mention Ms. Pat. She is the lady Nancy first met when she was signing in--she was so nice and offered to watch me if Nancy wanted to ride the train, and she has been so nice to Nancy (and me) since we've been here. I'll miss our other neighbor, Mr. Bob. He drives the neatest classic jeep and he always says hello and pets me when he pulls in. He's the reason we have so many birds to listen to--he feeds them every day.

Today, Nancy asked the Ms. Beverly, Ms. Shirley, Ms. Linda, and a few others if they wanted to go to town for lunch. The men are always busy with their activities at the railroad and Nancy thought it was odd that the ladies seemed rather trailer-bound. Nancy enjoyed their company very much. She said it was nice to get away from the trailer for a little while. The other ladies decided that they would do it more often since they enjoyed themselves so much. They stay all summer.

We meet such nice people while camping. Nancy has Mr. Don and Yolanda's email address and hopes they'll come to Atlanta some time. She's hoping to get the other people's email so they can communicate, too.

Tonight, we took a ride up to Cumbres Pass and we saw an Elk! Nancy thinks a whole herd would have come up, but she didn't want to be driving the dark mountain road at night--she was afraid one of them would jump out in front of the truck. So, she settled for a picture of one. You have to look close or enlarge because we were on the side of the road when Nancy took the pictures, and the elk was quite far away.

When we got back, Nancy put everything that was outside away so tomorrow all she has to do is walk me, check the tires, and hook up. She backed the truck in--it was kind of a tight space to get in, so she was surprised that she was as well lined up as she was. We'll miss Rio Chama and all the nice people here.

Oh, before I forget, Mr. Don was telling us that the school bus that's attached to the train--I think Nancy took the picture the first day and thought it was someone joking around. Well, it isn't a joke. They really do have school buses especially built to ride the rails to pick up the children from school. Who would have thunk???

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