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Jun 5, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 55

I did NOT want to get up this morning. Hmmm...there seems to be a pattern, here.

But Nancy was up and at it early. It was chilly when we got up--we left the windows open with no heater. She should have listened to me as it was the day from hell. What a difference a day makes.
We were sad to leave Durango. We really didn't have a destination--Nancy just thought she'd drive until she was tired. There were very FEW places to stop or pull off, but when she got to Kayante, she was able to get gas and look at the map. She decided to stop in Kaibito. There was NOTHING there..nothing. So, she decided to go on and drive to Page which is where we found refuge. When she stopped in Kayente she took me for a walk. Yowsa, is it hot out! She went into the trailer and what a mess--every piece of clothing she owned was on the floor. The pole gave way, again. She decided just to leave it because of the heat. Once we arrived at the campground, the electric on the pole didn't work--great. We walked down to the office--Nancy was trying to find shade for me to walk on because the ground was burning my feet. They said they'd send a maintenance man to check the pole. We went back to the trailer and Nancy sat on the step and I lay in the shade of the trailer. It wasn't long before the maintenance man came--so even though the surge protectors weren't showing power, he said we had it and we did. Nancy just doesn't know if she's protected from surges. We made it to Page. Everything is dry and hot though we're not far from Lake Powell. Since Nancy didn't unhook, we won't be seeing it unless we see it on the way out.

We drove Route 160 all the way. The drive started out okay. We passed four corners (tourist trap) and Shiprock in the distance. Rich and Nancy have been close to Shiprock and with a little imagination, it really does look like ship-sort of. We also passed the turn to Monument Valley. There were many buttes and gulches--we half expected John Wayne to come riding up. As far as scenery goes--only one place was halfway interesting and there was no place to stop to get a picture. It was called baby rocks. I don't know if these rocks will turn you on, but Nancy and I were not impressed. I suppose it's not fair to judge the town of Page because we're not going to see it. If it weren't for meeting Susie, we'd blow this place fast.

Nancy was saying, today, that she wants to pick up another twin memory foam mattress. She'll put it on her bed more for storage than anything, but  then when she has company she can put it on the couch. She also will need to pick up a couple more pillows. She'll be balancing things on her head. Michael, if you are reading, let her know if you are going to bring your tent. If you're not, she'll have to pick up a cheap one.

Nancy has tried to see what Edward Abbey sees in the desert. Driving through it, however, doesn't jive with his love of it. There were times when Nancy felt almost frightened by the immensity of space with nothing in it. Nothing but road. Straight hilly road. There were very few pull offs. It's easy to see how people drive off 160 at night--the road is mesmerizing. There are continual warnings to watch for water on the road. There are washes and warnings not to drive into water. Flash floods happen frequently in the desert. If you're not going 85, people are passing you. There is no regard for speed limits.

Nancy thinks it cools down in the desert at night so I'm waiting for the sun to go down so that I can go for a walk.

Well, Nancy is in a very grumpy mood. She unhooked, which she didn't want to do, went and bought several different types of rods to hang her clothes on. She has serious doubts that they are going to work and doesn't know what to do. She now has nowhere to hang wet towels. While at Walmart, she bought another memory foam mattress and three extra pillows. The heat has her very frustrated. We were going to the north rim, tomorrow, but that has changed, I think. We'll head down to Flagstaff--it may be a little cooler there.

Well, we did take a walk, and we'll take another one before we go to bed for good. When we signed in, a young couple came into the office and asked the lady if she had a cork screw wine bottle opener. The lady said no, but Nancy told them she did and went and got it for them. They went over to the lake to take a swim, but when we were walking they stopped Nancy to talk, and said they were headed for a motel--they couldn't take the heat in the tent. I should say not.

Well, I can't get the two other pictures to upload so the heck with them. Nancy said if she ever mentions red rock, again, I should take her to the nearest psychiatrist.

Add to that the Verizon Broadband isn't working and she's really aggravated. Well, maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I think she'll feel better if she gets everything organized, again.

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