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Jun 6, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 56

We think we're on Pacific time. Nancy walked me early before the heat set in. Then, she hooked up leaving only the water and electric on. She's more than aggravated with the clothes situation. Everything is going to come tumbling down for sure. She needs to find a permanent fix. The TV handle still needs to be fixed, but she'll do that at the next campground.

She had to get pillows--the problem was STORAGE. She solved that by putting the other foam mattress on top of hers, and she'll use the pillows to keep stuff from rattling around in the queen bed. Her pillows will stay on the bed, now, instead of being used as shock absorbers.

She called Verizon to cancel her plan and to tell them she was returning the Verizon USB modem. They said she had to return it where she bought it. Right-Los Alamos. I don't think so. They are calling her back later today to see if they can work around that. It is unreliable, and certainly not worth 59.99 per month.

Right now we are resting since it is only 8:15 a.m. Nancy told Susie that there isn't much we'll be able to do in this god awful heat just in case she didn't want to come. She said she wants to come--the trip is more to see us than to do things. We have to figure out how to handle picking her up at the airport--maybe have her call when she lands. There's no way we can wait in the truck. The ground is too hot for me to walk on.

Nancy is waiting to hear back from the campground in Flagstaff to see if she can get a space. It doesn't open until 10 a.m. so we have two hours to futz around. Will write later.

Well, we had to get on the road, but the lady from the Flagstaff campground called back and they had one space left. It was a back in, but the owner backed it in for Nancy. She remembered the campground--she and Rich had been here before I was born. The guy has signs all over the place. When signing in, Nancy thought he was going to read the entire old testament to her--there are so many rules. The first sign we saw said, "This is our piece of heaven, so don't drive like hell." The guy was certifiable--he was the last time she was here, and I imagine his OCD has only gotten worse. Mind you he's talking about an ugly place.

He has the trade-in books (you give two and pay half price for one of his) alphabetized. Same for the DVDs. It might be fun to go down and mix them all up.

The sites are one on top of the other. We're trapped in the trailer until this evening because it's so hot--hurts my paws.

The drive back down was even uglier than the drive up. We went up 160 and came down on 89. There was one place that had the big red rocks--maybe they are fascinating in the cool weather, but not now.

The clothes were down, again, when we got to the park so Nancy has decided to get two big bins--one for her shirts and one for her pants, rather than get aggravated. If they're wrinkled, they're wrinkled. She'll put the bins on the queen bed and move some of the stuff that's there into the tub. She says she could have used about another two foot of trailer.

She hasn't unhooked, yet (I think just to bother the owner). The air is on. It's hard to believe that it's only afternoon. It feels like midnight with the time change.

Time for a nap. I may be back later.

Oh, I forgot. About 25 miles out of Flagstaff a sign on the road said, "Stay alert for the next 20 miles". Are drivers allowed to go back to sleep after the 20 miles?

Did I tell you that Nancy HATES Arizona? She just told me, again.

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